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Is home based childcare the right fit for your family?

childcare the right fit for your family

by Home2grow
For some, home-based childcare feels like dropping your children off to a friend’s place for playdate. But, is it right for your family? What can you expect from a home-based childcare?

We all want to give our children the best start in life. And, when the time comes to head back to work after the paternity leave, every parent feels the pang of sending their kid to a childcare. Every parent’s natural inclination is to choose an environment that is as close to the home environment as possible. A place where your child will be nurtured yet find the wings that will ultimately help them fly and flourish.

Home-based childcare should be right up there in the consideration set when you begin this journey. Here’s what you can expect that will help you decide if home-based childcare is right for your child and family.

  • Feels like home. When you drop off your children, you’ll probably enjoy the whiff of home cooking, cosy indoors in winters and open deck doors in summer…
  • With smaller groups, typically up to 4 children, a home-based educator is more likely to be able to cater to your child’s individual strengths and weaknesses.
  • A home-based childcare facility is perhaps better able to manage flexibility in routines so your child’s usual home routines can be followed more easily.
  • Further flexibility of hours in terms of start and end times makes home-based childcares highly suited for shift workers.
  • If you have a mixed aged family, your children under 5 can be cared for by the same educator.
  • Home-based childcare, like home has a lot more spontaneity and is more “natural”. An impromptu walk, home baking, collecting the mail, hanging out the washing … it can all be wrapped into an average day at a home-based childcare.
  • You choose your educator assessing if they would gel with your child, speak their language, etc. Different to centre-based care where you cannot choose the educator assigned to your child’s age group.
  • A home-based educator more often than not becomes like an extended family member given the close bond they share with your child and family.

If the above points are important for your family when considering childcare, home-based childcares could be ideal for you.

What to look for in your home-based childcare and educator?

Home-based childcares and educators vary greatly. It is important to do your homework before you align with one. Check their Education Review Office (ERO) Report. A good home-based childcare service will provide you with basics such as guidance on how to choose an educator, educator portfolios, quality educational resources and more. Make sure to ask these five questions (if not more) when assessing home-based childcare services:

  • How long have they been established as an organisation?
  • Is there an admin or ongoing fee for their service?
  • How often their teachers visit the educators and how they assess?
  • What resources they provide to educators?
  • What information you get as a parent on your child’s learning and progress?

As for educators, the home-base childcare service you opt for should do the basic background checks. A recent change in law means home-based educators now require to have an ECE qualification. They should either already be qualified or working towards getting one.

Convinced about home-based childcare and ready to start your search? Call us for more information and let us help you find the perfect home for your child to grow into a confident young adult.

Is home-based education the right choice for you?

The best method to learn than to get to know some teachers. Speak to a local childcare and introduce you to other teachers on their roster. Talk to them about their experiences to determine whether this is the best route for you. Home2Grow is a licensed, government funded childcare provider, dedicated to helping parents Auckland wide access affordable in-home childcare. We offer childcare to meet the individual needs and routines of your child in a safe home-based environment. Our educators can care for a maximum of four children – including their own – under six years old, at one time. Of these four children, two of them can be under two years old. Our educators follow the New Zealand early childhood curriculum TeWhāriki, to ensure they provide the best education and care experience.  

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