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Increasing Importance of Inflatable Seals

by alinawilson
Inflatable seals manufacturer

There are many materials that get used in the present-day industries,  talking about an inflatable type of seal, it is a type of rubber seal that actually inflates (rather than getting compresses) to form up air or watertight fence. Once you compare it to elastomeric compression seals, inflatable rubber seals are much more forgiving of irregular or of even misaligned surfaces, which actually enhances sealing integrity.

Furthermore, these tubes are also easier to use because they simply demand less force to make sure there is a good seal – just move the mating parts into that of place and inflate the overall seal to shut the gap. This is something that makes them the ideal type of solution for distinct and of challenging sealing applications. Of course, you can discuss your options with the Inflatable seals manufacturer and ensure you have a perfect option for your tasks.

Good quality inflatable rubber seals are well suited and perfect for use with:

  • Horizontal as well as vertical sliding doors.
  • Processing equipment where quick sealing and unsealing are needed.
  • Hinged doors having flush thresholds for convenient personnel or equipment access
  • Huge fabricated doors or other closures wherein it is unreasonable to machine the sealing surfaces to simply house conventional compression seals as well as gaskets.

Inflatable Seal Applications

You know, these inflatable types of seals get used during manufacturing operations like that of the movement of powders between different drums or barrels. The sealing action that actually they offer helps to avert the loss of bulk solids, making sure product purity, and guard against personnel. Waste reduction is crucial, but manufacturers should also avert unwanted admixtures of diverse kinds of powder materials.

Similarly, applications for inflatable types of seals encompass the powdered metals industry, of pharmaceutical manufacturing, and even food processing. To assist in containing metal powders, reinforced seals formed up of EPDM and neoprene get used since wear and abrasion resistance are crucial. In the pharmaceuticals industry, FDA-approved silicones could even be required. Because of their high level of service temperatures, silicones are even getting used in ovens, where inflatable seals endorse robotic fingers that grab and move containers or that of even the products.

Impressive Variety 

The inflatable type of seals come in a diversity of shapes and sizes and are getting used in an increasing number of industries, encompassing drug and food procedures and IC manufacturing. Then you know what, custom type of inflatable rubber seals can be offered in a huge variety of configurations, encompassing rectangular, U-shaped, as well as a wind tunnel. These mostly expense less and seal actually better than that compression seals, mainly on rough as well as irregular surfaces. Similarly, round inflatable types of seals may actually act axially, inward radially, or even outward radially.


To sum up, since you now know the increasing importance of Inflatable seals, you can be sure that you get the best outcomes once you try them out. After all, these are not going to disappoint you in any aspect.

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