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In-person Events Are Not What They Used To Be

by brushlee
In-person Events

“In-person events are not what they used to be”. Yes, you read it right. The advancement of technology and digitalization have changed the way in-person events used to be organized. Not just that but also there are many big event tech companies that have successfully customized and introduced in-person event solutions. This solution consists of digitally acquired services and products that make the dynamics of the event wonderful while giving the audience an immersive experience. Here in this blog, we are going to touch on all the aspects of on-ground events and what has changed in the past few years. Keep reading till the end and explore the unknown facts. 

In-person Events With Virtual Components

In the past few years, we have witnessed a lot of harnesses and seen many events postponed or in the phase of cancellation due to restrictions. For example the world’s biggest exhibition event ‘Dubai Expo 2022 has organised at the end of 2021. But now the on-ground events are back, but not in the same manner. So, the question arises what has changed? Everything has a simple answer. Okay, let’s start with the basics.

The earlier registration process was hectic as someone needs to fill out forms and then the physical ticket has been generated. But now there is no need for that. With the help of your smartphone, you will be able to register yourself for the event and the automated generated ticket will be received over mail or Whatsapp. For hassle-free attendee management, it is quite useful to use digital solutions.

Nowadays in-person events also have virtual components as the event host and businesses identify the effectiveness of adding all those virtual components. Events are now in the form of a hybrid and some are live-streamed to reach a wider audience base. This is not a new concept live streaming of events but is now a popular way to reach across global boundaries without much investment. And globalization also played a crucial role in this while easy access to the internet and smartphones led the companies to work as a hybrid and do business without limiting to any particular contrary. 

To understand this we can refer to an example of a clothing brand or a fashion week; earlier only physical attendees were able to attend the event. But now anyone from anywhere has the ability to join in and watch the latest clothing collection. Also, the shipping is easier, so they are able to visit the brand’s website and order their favorite collection. How simple is it? Let’s understand further with online events that we all have attended during the pandemic. 

The Rise Of Virtual And Online Events

Undoubtedly, the demand for online events has increased significantly, but the situation is now normal so no one wants to attend those. But this does not limit the online events’ valuable credits and the advantage associated with them. 

To understand this we should know the value and the advantage of online and virtual events. As discussed in the above example; online events give the liberty to businesses to reach a wider audience while the attendees to join any event from their comfort irrespective of their geographical locations. Additionally, not everyone is able to come physically, due to travel, accommodation, and other expenses. So it’s just simple that while on-ground event management you need to focus on online event management too. Okay, What’s next? There are some more aspects like data and analytics.

In-Person Events Platform Offers Data & Analytics

As we have talked about the online registration process, is the beginning of collecting lots of data from the attendees. How? As in the registration form, the attendees share lots of details including their names, contact details, and other customized information. So this information is quite essential from the marketing perspective, right? 

In-person event registrations also send a unique QR-based ticket to verify at the entrance of the venue. This is how you can take the attendee’s attendance. Additionally, for attendee management, the QR can be used for internal shifting or tracking of the movement. O you can see how you can record the behavior of the attendees. 

Well, we understand your time is valuable and didn’t want to waste those precious minutes of your in outlining detailed information and in-depth technicality

But literally, the very own nature of in-person events is not anymore. The registration process to make it a hybrid event made all the dynamics changed. 

Now there is no need to manage and devote lots of time and effort to the in-person event as there are many in-Person event solution providers in the market to reduce your work. And all those offerings surely help you out in tough situations while giving a seamless experience to the attendees. 

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