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In 2022, here’s how to Promote YouTube Video channel

by Michal
In 2022, here's how to Promote YouTube Video channel

Step 1: Look for new video keywords

Video keyword research is crucial when it comes to YouTube.

In fact, picking the appropriate keyword can make or break your video’s performance.

For instance, one of my videos is currently ranked #1 on YouTube for “YouTube Views.”

  1. Make a list of “Seed Keywords” first.

Seed Keywords are phrases that cover a wide range of themes.

If you were in the digital marketing industry, for example, your Seed Keywords would be:

Social Networking

Marketing on LinkedIn

Page on Facebook

Marketing with Content

How does that work? These are broad topics on which you can make videos.

To be crystal clear:

You won’t be optimising your movies for any of these terms because they’re too competitive.

However, for the next phase, a list of Seed Keywords is really useful.

  1. Next, search YouTube for your seed keywords

It’s now time to break down a seed keyword into dozens of long tail phrases.


Suggest on YouTube

This operates similarly to Google.

Create a Seed Keyword on promote YouTube video

So you should have a list of long-tail keywords at this time.

  1. Finally, seek for keywords with low competition

Finally, you should optimise your movies for the following keywords:

  1. a) Conduct several searches


  1. b) They aren’t very competitive

How do you locate these enchanted keywords?

TubeBuddy is a useful Chrome addon.

Step 2: Make Videos That Are “Watch Time” Optimized

The primary purpose of YouTube is to keep people on the platform.

(After all, the more time people spend watching videos on YouTube, the more money they receive from advertisements.)

That’s why Watch Time is so important in YouTube’s algorithm.

Have you heard of Watch Time before? Here’s a straightforward explanation:

In other words, the longer people watch your movie, the more views it will receive.

The issue is this:

How can you make videos that people want to watch?

Let’s investigate…

  1. Produce lengthy videos

When all other factors are equal, long videos outperform short videos.

And there’s evidence to support this. We conducted the largest ever research of YouTube ranking determinants (we analysed over a million YouTube videos)

What did we discover?

Step 3: Make Your YouTube Videos More Effective

You undoubtedly already know how crucial YouTube SEO is.

So let’s get started with the steps.

  1. Make your video title keyword-optimized.

Here’s how it works:

The importance of keyword-optimized video titles has diminished.

In reality, our research into YouTube ranking criteria discovered a shaky link between keyword-rich titles and rankings:

Create (and promote) optimised playlists in step #5.

Playlists are an underappreciated method of increasing views (and subscribers).


Playlists can help you extend your “Session Time.”

The length of time someone spends on YouTube after seeing your video is known as session time.

And Session Time is an important ranking element for YouTube.

In truth, YouTube describes Session Time as follows:

Step #6: Make Videos Available To Your Audience

You probably already know that YouTube is the second-largest search engine on the planet.

However, this does not imply that you can simply post a bunch of optimised videos and expect people to watch them.

Your YouTube videos, like your blog content, need a little “push” to get started.

Sharing samples of your video on social media might be part of that effort.

Step #7: Convert Potential Subscribers

The steps I’ve discussed thus far should assist you in gaining more views.

However, gaining views is simply one aspect of expanding your YouTube channel.

Getting additional subscribers is the other aspect.

Adding a subscribe button to your End Screen is one of the most effective strategies to increase your subscriber count.

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