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Impound Vehicle – How To Deal With A Damaged Vehicle?

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For some reason or another, your vehicle was impounded. When you go to pick it up and pay the impounding fee and storage charges, you find that it is damaged. You want these damages paid for by the responsible party, but really don’t know what to do in these situations.

If your vehicle was damaged in the pound, can you file for damages? Yes, but you will have to prove that either the impounding service or impound caused damage to your vehicle. Impound is often owned by authorities, so those claims have various processes that should be followed. You should file your claim right away and ensure the whole procedure is followed strictly.

What should you do when you notice damage?

When you go to pick up your vehicle, notify the pound that there is damage that was not previously on your impounded vehicle insurance. If the vehicle has a mechanical issue that did not exist previous to impounding, be sure you tell them. Date of the document, time, and person you told.

As an example, if your vehicle was impounded and will not go in reverse now, but the transmission was fine before, tell an officer at the pound and tell them you will be filing a claim for the damages. 

How to get your vehicle out of an impound?

First, Find where your vehicle has been taken.

As early as you realize your vehicle has been impounded, your first responsibility is to locate the vehicle. This can be tougher than you would think. When your vehicle is impounded, the authorities generally do not leave a note letting you know where your vehicle has been taken.

If your vehicle was impounded as you were arrested, the police will likely tell you where the vehicle was taken. You can tell the police pound to confirm the location if you don’t know. In the event, your vehicle was impounded as you were not parked legally, call the impound and ask them to verify if the vehicle was recently impounded and they may be able to provide you the location.

Collect your paperwork and payment

Next, collect the important paperwork. At a minimum, the driver should be prepared to present a valid driver’s license and proof of vehicle insurance. You might also be needed to bring documents that show proof of ownership, like a registration number.

It is also a good time to confirm you have the important funds to pay any charges or release costs. In the event, the impound needs a check or cash, be prepared for that in advance as well. Keep in mind that you may encounter additional charges once you get the police pound depending on the procedure.

Getting your impounded vehicle insurance can be really tough particularly if your vehicle was impounded without your knowledge. Finding out where the vehicle was impounded may be the toughest complication. Once you have identified which pound your vehicle has, call the pound to confirm your vehicle is there, then go over paperwork and payment details to collect your vehicle.


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