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Illuminating Neon Events

by MaisieOscar

I thought neon was still around in the 1980s. It seems that it is making a comeback in the clubbing scene. Many events are now using the neon theme, including corporate and kids parties. A neon theme can be a brilliant choice if you want to make your event stand out with bright colors. Here are some great ideas.

Wall Bulbs

Wall decorations can be used to decorate your venue with bright colors. You can arrange neon installations in a variety of ways. You could spell out important words, create interesting shapes, or just line up different-colored bulbs to create a rainbow effect.

Wall bulbs are a useful decorative tool because of their versatility. These neon tubes can be used to assist guests in navigating around events. Attendees can use a consistent color scheme or pattern to help them navigate around an event, like the alternating yellow and red used here.

Meeting Room Arrows

It may seem strange that neon lighting would be suitable for business meetings, given its association with rave culture. Your venue could benefit from subtle patterns and soft colors to create a corporate atmosphere. The elegant, white neon arrows add a modern twist to this space that doesn’t distract from the serious discussions.

Social Frame

You can encourage guests to take photos with photo props. Use bright colors for a neon themed event. Also, include social media cues.

Your event hashtag should be prominently displayed throughout the venue. This glow-in-the dark event has organizers creating a neon orange Polaroid-style frame that allows for special selfies to be shared.

Buffet Station

You should make the most of the areas where people will gather and decorate the bar, entrance, and dining areas. Visit Custom Neon Signs UK to get your own Custom Neon Signs now. Use glow-in-the dark elements to brighten spaces when hosting a neon-themed party. This bright buffet station is a delight.

The organizers used stars, musical notes and balloons to make it a tempting invitation to eat the delicious treats. You’ll also notice that the organizers have created bar-themed signs, which shows that even small details can have an impact.

Prop Tree

To bring outside in, organizers decorated a fake tree with neon ribbons and pom-poms. The faux tree is now more interesting and has a festival feel. This tree is a conversation starter because of the juxtaposition of neon and nature.

This could also be used for outdoor events. Simply pick existing furniture, structural elements, or foliage to decorate.

String lights made at home

While we are on the topic of creative combinations, take a look at these amazing DIY ball string lights. These are easy to make and can be hung anywhere.

String lights can be used in many other creative ways. You can place them inside vases to make a unique lantern, spell words with them, or create artistic shapes from them. You can make simple objects into amazing pieces by making a few modifications.

Custom lights

The neon sign is a classic form of light installation. They have been a popular way to invite guests into bars, restaurants, and clubs for many decades. The custom neon lights are still a popular accessory for events.

You can create custom signs using lettering, shapes and a wide range of colors. This will allow you to make lights that are perfect for your event. This could be an opportunity to sponsor or brand your event.

Wall Graffiti

Neon graffiti is a great way to get creative decoration and if you are working with younger guests or just want to make your event more interesting, it’s a great option. You can use bold letters to greet your guests and give them directions.

This will also make it easy for you to take great photos. For a unique look that is both sustainable and environmentally-friendly, work with a local designer or graffiti artist. The organizers also emblazoned the wall at the event with the name of each host and other elements such as a keyboard, drum kit, or basketball player.

Paint with us

You can encourage your guests to join the party spirit by giving them neon body paint! You can offer a wide range of colors so that guests can express their creativity. You can give each team their own color or inspire them with tribal design ideas if you host an event that has a competitive edge.

This event saw guests jump into the action with neon yellow face paint in amazing patterns that can be interacted using UV lights or darkened rooms.

Register Area

Neon lighting can be used in the entrance to create a welcoming atmosphere for guests. Choose colors that match or are in harmony with your event branding color scheme. The registration area is instantly recognizable by guests because it has a consistent neon purple theme.


You can make your games neon if you are planning on having them at your event. There are two options: you can rent or buy arcade games units with neon detailing, or add glow-in the-dark decorative touches.

This is a great option for 80s themed parties. You can also use ultraviolet lighting to amplify the effect. These arcade games are sure to be a hit!

Streamer Hoops

Streamers are a cost-effective and affordable way to create a lively party atmosphere. Bright colors are best to match the neon theme. Use ultraviolet lighting to intensify the effect.

To make this an interesting decoration, organizers have made glow-in-the dark streamers into hoops that hang from the ceiling. Click Here now to know more about Custom Neon Signs. This event is a great budget-friendly option to transform your venue into a neon environment.

Lighting Effects

In addition to using ultraviolet lamps and bulb installations, light projectors (or GOBOs) can be used to create the right atmosphere for your event. There are almost unlimited options for colors, shapes and moving patterns.

This allows you to choose the perfect projection design, whether it is sponsored or branded. To set the mood, these baby-themed GOBOs opt for a neon blue and white option.

Branded bar

Bars are always the most busy areas at parties. Make sure you decorate the bar in line with your theme. The bar area has a lot of space. This allows you to add lighting, props, or artistic elements to make a lasting visual impact.

The bar and dance floor were decorated in neon letters, patterns and themes to celebrate the release of Black Panther. A clever fusion of theme & function!

Lit Invitations

From the moment you plan your event, make it memorable! Use neon colors and bright white letters against a dark background to create a glow in the dark effect. This invitation for a Zumba party is eye-catching.

It will let guests know what to expect and even give them a suggestion on the best colors to wear. This is a great theme and idea for corporate fundraising.

Glowing Cocktails

Even the most colorful themes can include a favorite drink of the attendees; the signature cocktail. Even though you need to be careful about what you choose to serve, many ingredients can give off a cool neon glow or glow in the dark if they are used correctly. This cool neon glowing cocktail is served in a science mug.

In conclusion

It can be elegant and sophisticated, or it can be sassy and glam. Neon works best in darker environments, as the colors are less vibrant and fall flat.

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