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Ideal Activities for Ten-Year-Old Kids at Kidzania

by Kieran Edwards
Ideal Activities for Ten-Year-Old Kids at Kidzania

By the age of ten, children start considering themselves old enough to try their hands at activities adults usually perform. Some are interested in playing games; however, some are also eager about helping out their parents in small home activities and learning the basics. Instead of forbidding children from such activities, it is better to teach them basics according to their interests.

Parents do not stay behind children all the time. Therefore, it is important to prepare children for tougher times smoothly and carefully to not feel it a burden. Kidzania, which is the city of children, has numerous such activities that can shape children’s personalities by teaching the basics.

If you are worried about keeping your kids engaged and entertained, keep scrolling down this article to explore ideal activities for ten-year-old kids at Kidzania and let your children enjoy them.

Top 7 Activities for Ten-Year-Olds at Kidzania

If your ten-year-old kid has lost interest in all the games, it does not mean they should spend all the time studying. Learning and exploring basic home activities is an ideal alternative for their playtime, which will also prepare them for the future. Letting the child learn such activities at Kidzania will make them more exciting.

Here are some of the major activities which are suitable for ten-year-old children and are available at Kidzania.

1. House Painting

Home renovations and do-it-yourself projects are quite trending in the present times. Everyone can explore tips and ideas on the internet and implement them. However, there are some basic details that can only be learned by experience. House painting is an engaging and creative activity tend years old can learn at Kidzania and give a makeover to their rooms. Parents get Kidzania Dubai tickets online and let their children explore their creative side through such activities.

2. Cleanliness

Cleanliness is the most important activity children should follow by the time they reach the age of ten. They should take care of their laundry clothes, set beds, manage the closet, and take care of basic room cleanliness. If your child does not know much about it, they can easily learn it at Kidzania and ensure to play their role in keeping the home and their surroundings clean.

3. Cooking

Children of this era have access to the internet, where they watch videos of other children working wonders like cooking proper meals. Some children have immense interest in trying their hands at cooking, even from a younger age. It is a suitable and engaging activity for ten-year-old kids, and letting them learn and explore cooking at Kidzania will help them stay safe and cautious while being in the kitchen too.

4. Personal Grooming

Personal grooming is an important skill ten-year-old kids can explore at Kidzania, which is interesting and suitable for them. It focuses on makeup, hairstyling, and general presentation. It can include the basics of manicure and pedicure too. Learning such activities at a young age will help children be more attentive towards self-care and put effort into their appearance.

5. Fashion Designing

Fashion designing is another creative activity at Kidzania, which is ideal for ten-year-old children and can keep them perfectly engaged and entertained. The activity allows them to translate their creative ideas into designing and styling models and enables them to design their closet. Such an experience at a young age will prepare them for better fashion sense and a potential career in the field.

6. Baby Sitting

One of the best activities for ten-year-old kids is babysitting, which they can easily explore and learn at Kidzania. Some children are quite careful towards those younger than them, while some get competitive and do not realize while hurting them. Babysitting training at Kidzania will help your child be more loving and caring towards younger siblings in your absence and can even use their skills to earn extra allowance.

7. Painting

Arts and painting are many children’s first passions; however, it is often ignored as random doodling. If you think your child has the talent and needs to polish and refine it. You can let them explore painting activities at Kidzania and professionally show their artworks, so one cannot ignore them. You can grab Kidzania tickets from a Dubai events tickets provider and let your child learn and explore painting which can be framed and showcased in your home.

Is your child excited to learn these activities?

If yes, do not think twice or keep delaying it due to any issue. Visit Kidzania and head to the professional facility to help your child explore and enjoy the activities according to their interest and liking. Make sure to provide the right atmosphere for your kids to learn and implement their learning.

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