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Hurt on the Job? 5 Steps to Compensation

by lizzieweakley

If you are injured at your job, you may assume gaining the necessary financial compensation to pay your medical bills and replace your lost wages will be easy. Many times, employees believe their employers and insurance companies will be eager to help them through a tough situation. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Instead, you will likely need to take numerous steps along the way to ensure you gain maximum compensation. Rather than make critical mistakes that could cost you vital compensation, here are five steps to take right away.

Report Your Injury Immediately

When you sustain a work-related injury, do not delay in reporting it to your supervisor. By doing so, you can ensure the accident will be investigated and documented with an accident report. If you do not immediately report your injury, it becomes easy for your employer and their insurance company to claim your injuries were not sustained on the job.

Get Medical Treatment

If you refuse medical treatment at the scene of your accident or do not go to your family doctor or a hospital within 24-48 hours after your accident, you will be setting the stage for a prolonged legal battle to gain compensation for your medical bills and lost wages. Instead, get treated both at the scene and at a hospital ER. When you do, your injuries are treated and documented in your medical records.

Hire an Attorney

Even if you are on great terms with your employer, hire work related accident lawyers to represent you while your case plays out. This will allow you to have a very strong case for compensation, since your lawyers can gather and examine evidence, speak to eyewitnesses, and provide you with expert advice each step of the way.

Don’t Talk to Insurance Companies

After you hire attorneys to handle your case, don’t make the mistake of trying to deal with insurance companies on your own. If you do, you will undoubtedly say something that will be used against you, or instead agree to take a quick settlement for far less money than you need and deserve.

Stay Away from Social Media

Finally, your lawyers will advise you to stay away from social media while your accident case play out, and for good reason. Chances are your accounts will be monitored by insurance companies and your employer, meaning one wrong comment or photo posted online could doom your case.

If you follow these steps and exercise good judgment from start to finish, you should emerge from your workplace accident with substantial compensation to pay your medical bills, replace your lost wages, and help ease your daily pain and suffering.

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