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How You Can Save Money on Your Next Business Trip

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Business trip expenses can be a huge pain point for many people and companies that travel regularly. Not only are they on the hook for the high costs of visiting different countries and meeting with partners, but also for the other incidental expenses that come along with it. Planning allows you to avoid these expenses before your next business trip. Here we shall discuss ways to save money on your next business trip.

Travel with Only Carry-on Luggage

If you have ever had to give up your checked bag at the airline counter because there’s not enough space for all your luggage, you know that it can eat into your trip budget. If you don’t need to check a bag and still want the extra protection of having one, consider traveling with only carry-on luggage. Many business travelers do this to experience the thrill of boarding an airplane without going through the check-in process that includes checking a bag. This also gives you a chance to be the first person on and off the plane, which often determines how much time you need to connect your flights.

Book with Multiple Carriers

You may have a preferred carrier, but if you travel frequently, there’s no reason to lock yourself into one carrier and experience sky-high ticket prices just because they operate the flights you need each time. You should always shop around for flight prices and never pay full price for any ticket. By working with multiple ticketing agencies, you can often find several carriers that offer the same service at reasonable prices. By doing this, you can get cheaper tickets than you would have paid alone and sometimes even get an affordable upgrade to first class without paying extra.

Plan Your Trip by Private Jet

Private air travel is the ultimate luxury for business people looking to avoid commercial airlines’ headaches. You have your jet to take you to your destinations, and you often get airport terminals reserved for private air travel. For the price of an economy seat or even a first-class ticket, you can enjoy your private jet and use it to travel with a group of friends or colleagues or go by yourself for some quiet time and peace of mind. For example, if you are going to Miami, you can book your next trip using a Miami jet charter and enjoy a luxurious ride to your next destination with a considerable discount that will help you save money on your next business trip. Private jet charters also have helipads with landing fees that are often cheaper than commercial airports.

Avoid Foreign Transaction Fees on Business Credit Cards

Using a credit card with no foreign transaction fees is one method to make the most of your transactions if you are reimbursed for your business trip expenses. This will enable you to receive your money back in full rather than being subject to the 3% or more foreign transaction fee that some credit cards impose. When you’re on a week-long business trip overseas with numerous expenses, this might add up to sizable savings. Your next business trip will be significantly cheaper thanks to the extra points or 1% cash back that some credit cards, like American Express, offer on all purchases.

Take Advantage of Hotel Perks

Hotel perks are a great way to save money on your hotel room. If you are not picky about where you stay, then you should be able to find some great deals. Try to stay at hotels with a loyalty program so you can use that status for the duration of your trip. By choosing hotels with free breakfast and access to their sister hotel’s amenities, you can save a lot on food costs alone and get familiar with potential venues for future company trips.

Cut the Cost of Hotels

Hotels can add up when you are on the road for a week or more, especially if you’re staying in a big city. You should look for hotels that have cheaper rates even if they may have a different level of amenities than other hotels. You should always book your hotel room with this in mind and ask for pictures of how a particular space will look before you commit to staying there.


Businesses and individuals often incur high costs due to business travel, but with careful planning, you can lower your expenses and save money on your next trip. When booking your hotel accommodations, research the best airfares, take advantage of credit card foreign transaction fees when available, book early, and consider choosing a less expensive hotel. You should also use coupons or loyalty programs.

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