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How Video Marketing Can Benefit Your Business?

by adnannohrio
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Video marketing can benefits your business in various ways such as increasing sales, building brand awareness, reach, and boosting conversions. 

Building a relationship with customers based on trust will more likely lead them to commit to your business. Trust is one of the most important factors that are part of nearly every purchasing decision. 

This is where video production and marketing can prove to be the most valuable asset to your business. About 83% of businesses believe their video marketing campaigns are producing a good return on investment. 

We have compiled a list of reasons why video marketing is essential for your business growth. 

1- Increasing Conversion Rates

According to WordStream, if you place a video on your business website landing page then chances are your conversion rate will increase by 80%. Moreover, adding a video to your emails can boost the click-through rate by 200%-300%. 

Internet users are expecting to see videos on your website and other social media accounts. Short and engaging videos can help users move down the marketing funnel rapidly. 

2- Better Search Engine Rankings

Google search engine has promoted the use of videos on websites multiple times for the last 15 years. By using videos on your website, chances of obtaining more organic traffic from search engine results increase by 157%. 

While videos don’t impact the ranking directly, they do give your website a great chance of improving. In the hands of a qualified SEO specialist, videos can truly become a powerful weapon. 

The time internet user spends on your website is an important ranking factor for Google. Engaging videos keep your potential customers from leaving your website. 

Videos can also keep customers occupied and led them to dig deeper into your website, thus lowering your website’s bounce rate. 

3- Improved Customer Relations 

Video content also helps your business improve its relationship with existing customers and build trust with potential customers. People can easily and immediately make a connection with someone that is speaking directly to them. 

Video content always wins against the black and white content. Also, it is psychologically tougher for the internet user to turn off the video than stop reading the text. 

Videos are one of the most effective ways to express emotions. You can easily use the tone of voice, music, and facial expressions to your advantage. Video content humanizes your services, product, and brand. 

4- Unique Brand Awareness 

Video content does an excellent job of increasing brand awareness, a critical part of a marketing campaign. A business can communicate the business story, arrange interviews, and also share behind-the-scenes footage. 

By showing videos, you can show potential customers that you share similar values. When talking about brand awareness, a video is often worth two thousand words. 

5- Enhanced Engagement 

Videos have extremely high social share potential. Social video generates 1200% more share than text and images combined. 

Videos on Facebook increase user engagement by 33%. Simply using the word “video” in the subject line of your emails can boost the open rate of your email by 13%

By making your video content more shareable, you are not only reaching a wider audience but giving that audience a chance to become your brand ambassador. 

6- Strong Brand Affiliation and Connection 

Videos offer audio and visual stimulation. When both of these areas of the brain are active that means they are more engaged. Naturally, this will cause them to develop a stronger sense of affiliation and connection with the content they are watching. 

Small businesses that are looking for brand recognition and are dependent on loyal customers who are coming back for more take advantage of this feature. 

In 2020, 94% of marketers reported that video converted the same or better than any other content form, which is worth building on. 

7- User’s Preferred Medium

More than 50% of internet users say that their primary reason for using the internet is watching videos, TV shows, movies, and other video content. 

86% of internet users would like to see more video content from various brands and businesses. Out of these, 36% would like to view educational videos and 14% would prefer to watch product demonstrations. 

Without a doubt, video content is the audience’s medium of choice. It is recommended that businesses take advantage of this opportunity and produce more video content for better brand awareness, customer outreach, and business growth. 

How To Make Your Videos Efficient 

Here are a few tips for you if you decide to implement video marketing. 

  • Not every marketing video should be made professionally. Amateur videos appear more genuine, thus they establish stronger connections with the viewers. 
  • To get your point across, videos don’t have to be lengthy. Longer videos tend to push viewers away. Keep your videos short as the majority of efficient videos for marketing purposes don’t exceed 120 seconds. 
  • Make a conversational video. People engage more when they are viewing personalized videos. Speak directly to your viewers and address them with “You” and explain why your business, product, or service matters to them. 
  • Your videos should be optimized for SEO with proper tags, descriptions, and transcripts. While videos aren’t the most effective SEO tool, when optimized, they can hugely contribute to a campaign’s success. 
  • The first ten seconds of your video are the most important to catch your viewer’s attention. Make sure that these seconds are used effectively to address the pain points of your client and offer a solution. 

Final Thoughts

Businesses can establish a loyal, trustworthy, and unique relationship with their customers. 

Our creative, soul-touching and fascinating videos will Create a wholesome consumer experience for your customers who wish to know about your business, what type of services you provide, where you are located, and what sets you apart. Send them a complete message through our combined audio and video expertise.

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