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How to Select the Seat accordingly on Spirit Airlines for Free?

Spirit Airlines Seat Selection

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Due to the Spirit Seat Selection, one can reserve the seat anytime before departure. But if you want to avail of the Spirit Airlines Seat Selection for free, you should appeal within 24 hours before the departure of your flight. Otherwise, you must pay the selection fee to reserve the seats before departure.

Guidelines to Undertake for the Seat Selection on Spirit Airlines Flights for free

Below are the one-by-one steps you should follow to seek free Spirit seat selection at your convenience.

  • Access the Official Web Portal of Spirit Airlines.
  • Click on the “Check-in” option.
  • Provide the name of the passenger.
  • Enter the Confirmation code.
  • Tap the “Check-in” tab.
  • Find your recent booking visible on the screen.
  • Click on the “Select My Seat” tab. And continue with the on-screen procedure to reserve a seat on the flight.
  • Lastly, you will get a confirmed seat notification to your registered contact details.

Points to Consider Before About Spirit Seat Selection in Advance.

Below are the following points you should consider before seat selection with Spirit Airlines.

  • As per the Spirit seat selection policy, one should choose the seat twenty-four hours before departure.
  • Customers must pay the service fee while selecting a seat before departure. The fee depends on the seat assignment.
  • Basic economy flyers have no potential to choose the seat.
  • The seat selection depends on seat accessibility.
  • The free Spirit Airlines Seat selection is accessible within 24 hours before departure and closes one hour before the departure.
  • Spirit Airlines allocate the seat for the basic economy flier at the check in time.

How Much Does Spirit Airlines Charge for the Seat Selection?

However, Spirit Airlines charge approximately five dollars each seat. But this would fluctuate as per the duration or the seat type, route and class. To seek the latest update on Spirit seat Selection fee, visit the official site or connect with the experts over a call.

Steps to Seek Prefered Seat on the Spirit Flight in Advance

Even though the seat selection in advance is payable, if you are ready to select the seat in advance. But unaware of the procedure to pick the seat while booking then you should follow the guidelines mentioned below.

Step-1 Access the Spirit Airlines Official Site using any search engine.

Step-2 Click on the “Book.”

Step-3 Choose the Trip type and specified numbers of passengers.

Step-4 Mention destination and origin.

Step-5 Select the date to depart and return.

Step-6 Tap the search icon and find the list of the flights.

Step-7 choose the suitable flights and look for the “seat.”

Step-8 Tap the “select my seat” along the trip details and reserve the seat accordingly.

Step-9 Lastly you should confirm the seat by making a valuable payment via any online payment mode.

Rather than the online procedure to seek the seat on Spirit Airlines Flights in advance, you can connect with the experts.

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