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How To Prepare Your Roof For Storm Season As Per Frisco Roofing Contractor

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Having a roof over your head is a big thing in life. And because your house is the biggest investment you will ever make, you want to make sure that every part of your house is well-built and safe for your family. While we all enjoy seasonal changes, we better don’t forget that these changes bring challenges for homeowners who have to keep their roofs safe and protected from all weather conditions. If you listen to any popular Frisco roofing contractor, they will tell you that you are better off when you are prepared for all weather conditions.

Now that the storm season is round the corner, it’s high time that you listen to the specialists and take all the necessary steps that you must to prepare your roof for the storm season. With the storm season, come rains, high winds, and thunderstorms that can damage your roof and create havoc that you were not prepared for. It would be wrong to say that you can’t do anything to protect your roof during a heavy storm other than hope for the best.

So, here we are with a few tips from the best roofer in Frisco that you can follow to stay protected during the storm season.

  • Inspect your Roof

    Roof maintenance is an important thing when you want your roof to last for as long as possible. It becomes essential before a possible storm because regular maintenance would help you know the problems with your roof that you can work on before the storm causes severe damage. If you think that you are under-qualified to identify any issues with your roof, it’s best to get in touch with a good Frisco roofing contractor who can help you examine your roof for possible issues. They will do a thorough inspection and suggest everything that needs to be done. If you recently got an inspection done at your house, check it again to notice changes. Missing or damaged shingles can make wind and rain to penetrate into your roof and damage it more. If there are any damaged or loose tiles, get them repaired or replaced so that they don’t cause any further damage.

  • Remove any Debris

    Whether it is about cleaning your gutters, downspouts, or removing debris from your roof, consider it as soon as possible. If these are not cleared, these will prevent water from flowing off your roof. This will make the water standstill on your roof that can further leak into your home. Also, check the fasteners and repair them, if needed. If gutters get heavy because of the debris, they can break away the roof. Even the debris that keeps lying on your roof can get swiped away with winds and get collected in the gutters and resulting in blocking them. Moreover, the debris that remains on the roof retains moisture which can result in rot and mold. At least, once a quarter, check your roof and clear all the clutter to ensure that no debris accumulates on it that can cause further damage to the roof.

  • Trim Tree Branches

    Tree branches can extend over the house naturally. If you think that only a tree branch falling on your roof can cause damage to your roof, you will have to rethink it because a branch that is close enough to your roof during a storm can also cause enough damage to your roof. It can lift up shingles that may get carried away with the winds. They can shatter your tiles, crack your roof supports, and dig a deep hole in your pocket with repair and replacement expenses. Dead limbs or large branches can even break your whole roof. The best way to avoid such a disaster is by trimming tree branches annually. Try to maintain a great difference between the roof and the tree branches to ensure that neither branches nor leaves fall on your roof can further damage it.

You may be able to notice the most obvious and visible issues with your roof. But for the more crucial ones, you will have to get in touch with a Frisco roofing contractor who can help you with the issues. 3:16 Roofing & Consultation has got the best roofer in Frisco that you can hire for your roofing requirements.

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