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How To Optimize For Google Featured Snippets

by ashish
How To Optimize For Google Featured Snippets

How to Optimize Google Featured Snippets with 5 Useful Steps

Do you know Google’s featured Snippets take organic traffic from other search results, including ranking your content in the first position?

The featured snippets from google are the best way to improve your brand credibility and boost your website. 

If you want to learn more about Google’s Featured Snippets and their types, then this blog is for you. Here I will briefly describe the types of featured snippets and some best tips that give you top ranking in Google’s Featured Snippets

So, let’s start.

Types of Google’s Featured Snippets for Good Ranking

There are so many types of featured snippets available on google search, but the following are the essential featured snippets that any website can use to promote its website on SERPs. So, let’s start with the types of features snippet:

  • The Paragraph Features Snippets 
  • Listing Features Snippets (numbers and bullets)
  • Table Features Snippets 

Let’s discuss above mentioned all the features snippets in brief. 

 1. The Paragraph Features Snippets

The Paragraph Features Snippets is the short answer that can be listed on the top of SERPs when any query asks on Google. In this Google’s Featured Snippets, Google extracts the text from the page and shows it to the query maker to resolve their question.

FAQ pages are ideal for answering a few short questions at once, while dedicated blog pages are better for more complex queries.

Generally, paragraph Google’s featured snippets can display on the search engine result pages. 

Feature image

Image Source: https://digitalducats.com/featured-snippets-importance/

However, Google will display the Paragraph snippets for a reply to the questionnaire of a query maker, such as:

  • How to make/get…
  • Who is…
  • Why is…
  • What is…

On average, the text length of a paragraph’s featured snippets tends to be 40 to 60 words long. 

Now let’s move to another type of Google’s Featured snippets.

2. The Listing Featured Snippets 

These featured snippets often list steps that explain how to do something in a step-by-step process. Recipes are an excellent example of this type of Featured snippet. 

TopcssgalleryImage source: https://www.topcssgallery.com/blog/everything-you-should-know-about-the-importance-of-css

The great thing about the example is that it’s immediately apparent that it walks you through the process step-by-step, but searchers are likely to click through to see the accompanying photos or read more details.

You will see numbered list snippets when you are asked any query related to these types of questions. 

  • Recipes.
  • DIY tasks.
  • How…
  • How can I…

Apart from the number snippets, google can list other types, such as bulleted list snippets. Listing articles are made for these featured snippets, whether you’re rating items or simply listing them.

You’ll see bulleted list snippets for:

  • The best of lists
  • Rated items
  • Unrated items
  • Feature lists

Now let’s move further and know our next Google’s featured snippets. 

3. The Table Featured a Snippet

Table excerpts are surprisingly popular, accounting for 29% of all sections. Google likes to show off its capabilities with query makers.

It doesn’t just pull the information and spit it out as formatted – it can remove the specific information the user is looking for and recreate its own table, like in the example below.

Feature image

Image source: https://ahrefs.com/blog/find-featured-snippets/

This website lists the pizza prices menu according to the size. So, in the place of reading the whole blog, they can get their answer by reading this table. 

Now, I hope you get a better idea about what Google’s featured snippets are. Therefore, it’s time for some amazing hacks that you can use on your website’s blog.  

Top Tips for Ranking in Google’s Featured snippets. 

Now that you know what featured excerpts are available, how do you evaluate them?

Here are some best practices that you can do to get your high ranking on google’s featured snippets list. 

#Tip 1 Do keyword research with a specific focus on questions

Questions provide the best solutions for the selected part of the query. For this purpose, you can get help from some tools. 

There are so many paid tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush that will let you see which of your keywords are already ranking for selected snippets and which aren’t (but another site does).

Apart from these paid tools, you can also take help from free tools that allow you to see the top keywords with long-form questions, including Google’s “People Also Ask” section or AnswerThe Public.

#Tip 2 Create Content and Images that specifically address the keyword

Featured snippets typically only display a few lines of table or text. That’s why you need to create content that specifically targets the keyword. 

Ideally, you’ll answer the question with an opening sentence or two and then dig deeper with supporting content.

#Tip 3 Add a “how to” section to your website OR Blog Title.

Google’s featured snippets are an excellent opportunity to drive traffic and generate new leads. It’s a brilliant idea to redesign your website to allow you to optimize your “how to” content.

There are lots of people who start their queries with how to phrase them. Some websites create sections on their pages specifically designed to answer questions from their readers. 

Thus, google noticed that and provided them high ranking on featured snippets. 

#Tip 4 Add High-Quality Images and Video:

People usually like to learn through visuals, so high-quality photos and videos can help you evaluate selected excerpts.

As an Infographic image, which is a faster way to learn something new, it also saves time.

Nowadays, people do not like to read long blogs, so they try to learn things with videos.

Create a voiceover for all your videos. Google recognizes the text and can select it as a featured snippet.

You should also ensure that your video’s content is of high quality.

#Tip 5 Use Long Tail Keywords in your Content

In general, optimizing for long-tail keywords can be challenging. Google reported that 15% of search queries are new. New search queries are long tails.

How can you optimize for a keyword that no one has seen before? Not you. However, one should not necessarily write off 15% of all search queries on a given topic. There can be money in these search queries. So how do you optimize for long-tail questions, especially ones you’ve never seen before?

The only way, in my opinion, is to create long-tail keyword content with these four characteristics:

  • Answer the question, and fulfill the needs of the search query.
  • Avoid ambiguity
  • Avoid going off-topic
  • Be precise

For example, put yourself in the shoes of someone new to marketing and may not understand some general terms. There are a lot of terms and acronyms in the marketing world that can be intimidating and complicated for people who aren’t familiar with them.

These are some tips for ranking in Google’s featured snippets. After following these tips, you can create good content matching the query requirement, and your blog will rank top as featured snippets on Search Engine Result Pages. 

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