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How to Open PST File in Yahoo Mail?

by alora

Yahoo is one of the most popular email applications, with millions of users. Let’s say you’re seeking for a safe way to import PST files into Yahoo Mail. So, this is for all of you. This page will explain the differences between PST and Yahoo Mail, as well as the numerous techniques to open PST file in Yahoo Mail. It offers both a thorough manual method and a professional solution to import PST to Yahoo Mail account.

Outlook is the best email application for desktop and browser users, whilst Yahoo is a web-based service. People who use Outlook have all of their data on their computers, which is why they need to migrate their Outlook email to Yahoo mail. Before continuing down the path of How to import Outlook PST files into Yahoo Mail, let’s look at why people want to Import PST files to Yahoo Mail.

Why Open Outlook PST File in Yahoo Maill

Many users want to switch from Outlook to Yahoo mail for the following reasons:

1. Users switch from PST to Yahoo mail for a variety of reasons, the most notable of which is that Yahoo mail is free and simple to use. To utilise Outlook PST, clients must acquire the whole Microsoft Office Suite.
2. Yahoo has a number of message boards where members may discuss any subject. People might meet someone who shares their passions in anything they are passionate about.
3. Yahoo Norton antivirus protects the data file from corruption and deletion.
4. It enables users to do web searches for news, technology, and other topics. Yahoo also provides a lot of storage.
5. PST files take up a lot of space on our hard drive, which is a problem. On the other hand, Yahoo is a web-based email client that keeps data in the Cloud and does not use the system’s hard drive.

Import PST To Yahoo From Outlook 2016 / 2013 / 2010 By A Simple Method

The Best 2 Ways to Transfer PST File into Yahoo Mail

Users prefer to import PST files to Yahoo mail because of the numerous advantages it offers. We’ll go through two strategies for transferring Outlook emails to Yahoo mail.

#1. Moving Emails from Outlook to Yahoo MAnually
#2. Import PST files to Yahoo Mail with Expert Help.

How to Manually Transfer Emails from Outlook to Yahoo

These are the procedures to move emails from a PST file into a Yahoo inbox.

1. Launch the Microsoft Outlook programme.

2. Select Add Account from the File tab.

3. Next, choose Manual Setup or other server types.

4. On the Choose Service screen, select POP or IMAP and then click the Next button.

5. Finally, enter your Yahoo credentials, including the server information listed below:
Incoming Mail Server: imap.mail.yahoo.com
Account Type: IMAP
smtp.mail.yahoo.com is the
outgoing mail server.

6. Select More Settings from the drop-down menu.

7. On the following screen, select the Outgoing Server.

8. Select My Outgoing Server Requires Authentication from the Outgoing Server tab. Select the same options as the radio choice for My Incoming Mail Server.

9. Check the data under the Advanced tab:]

IMAP Incoming Mail Server: 993 or 143
Outgoing Server (SMTP): 587 or 465
Incoming Server encrypted connection: SSLTLS or Auto for incoming server encryption

10. When you’ve completed all of the steps, click Finish and then Next.

11. Your Yahoo Mail account is now successfully established. Close the window and then click.

12. Click Finish if you receive a notice stating the account has been set up.

13. When the Yahoo Mail setting is complete, you can see Yahoo emails in MS Outlook.

14. Now import PST file into Outlook and move the imported folder under Yahoo id label. In this way, you can open PST file into Yahoo Mail account without any issue.

The manual technique is simple to follow, but it takes time and requires technical aid to complete. During the conversion process, there is always the risk of data loss and corruption. To circumvent these constraints, I strongly advise you to utilise the professional method to transfer PST files to your Yahoo mailbox.

Transfer PST Files from Outlook to Yahoo Mail with Expert Advice

The PST Converter Tool is one of the best solutions for importing Outlook PST emails into Yahoo Mail. The programme can also move  PST files to Gmail, Office 365, AOL, Thunderbird, and other email clients with ease. This programme is completely trustworthy and works efficiently to complete the task. For both technical and non-technical users, it includes an interactive interface.

 Few Key Features of Automated Tool

  • Multiple PST files may be converted to PDF, MBOX, PST, MSG, EML, and Doc formats with this programme.
  • During the migration, it should retain the critical data intact and preserve the hierarchy.
  • Remove duplicate emails as a benefit.
  • Provide a Custom Folder name option to give the resulting folder a name.
  • It works with every version of Microsoft Outlook.

Steps to Open PST File into Yahoo Mail

1. Download and Run SysConverter for PST on your System.

2. Select Open >> Email Data File >> PST File >> Select File From a Folder.

3. Click on Export and select IMAP as a saving option.

4. At last, enter your Yahoo Mail login details and hit on the Save button.

Here complete the process. Now you can easily access PST file emails and other data into Yahoo Mail account with ease.


To fulfil the demands of the consumers, we have provided two methods for importing PST to Yahoo in this blog. We have provided a detailed strategy for the manual approach, but as I previously indicated, this method has certain disadvantages. As a result, I recommend opening PST emails in  Yahoo Mail using the automated application. This programme swiftly completes the task and provides 100% accurate results.

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