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How to Open MSG File in Outlook for Windows?

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Summary: In this article, I’ll go through a few free options for converting MSG files to PST so that you can easily open MSG file in outlook.


An email is saved in MSG format when it is dragged and dropped from Outlook to the desktop. MSG files are fantastic for privacy because they allow you to exchange a single email rather than an entire PST file. MSG, on the other hand, becomes worse when it comes to portability and sharing multiple emails. Users may want to Import MSG files into Outlook for a variety of reasons, including sharing and portability.

Although Outlook is one of the most widely used email applications, several of its competitors are free. It’s tempting to get identical capabilities for free, but there’s a catch. You may encounter issues if Outlook users send you MSG files. This format is only recognized by a few other systems. We’ve discovered the greatest MSG file viewers, so don’t worry! Without Outlook, these tools may open MSG files.

Use a third-party application to open the MSG file in Outlook. As it is not easy to manually open MSG file in Outlook. You can use any of the third-party apps that Google suggests. If you use a Mac, you’ll have to do this by default because Outlook on the Mac doesn’t open or export MSG files. However, these program are frequently packaged with malware. That’s why we built free MSG to PST Converter to run in your browser rather than being installed on your machine.

What is an MSG file, exactly?

The MSG file extension indicates that the file is most likely an Outlook Mail Message file. An MSG file is created by the Microsoft Outlook application and contains information about an email, appointment, contact, or task.

The MSG file may contain message information such as the date, sender, recipient, subject, and message text (including custom formatting and hyperlinks) if it is an email, but it could also just be contact information, appointment information, or a task description if it is not an email.

Microsoft Outlook uses the MSG file format to store emails. You can open MSG files with various desktop email program or with one of the many solutions available without using an email client.

Why isn’t my MSG file opening? – Reasons you should know

If any of the following circumstances apply, an Outlook user will be unable to open an MSG file:

  • When Outlook is not correctly configured
  • When the display of MSG files created by Hex editors is difficult to comprehend
  • Can’t open MSG file problem occurs when the user does not have permission to access the file.
  • Attempting to open an MSG file created in Unicode format with Outlook 2002/XP or earlier.

Option 1: How to Manually Open MSG File in Outlook?

It’s pretty simple to open an MSG if you merely want a casual look.

  1. Double-click the MSG to open it in Outlook (in Windows):
  2. If you have Outlook installed, double-click the MSG to open it in Outlook.
  3. If it doesn’t, right-click it and pick ‘Open With’ from the drop-down menu. You can also manually copy and paste the MSG.
  4. Right-click it and choose ‘Copy,’ then paste it into an Outlook window. Right-click here and choose ‘Paste.

Read this before you go back to the old ways

  • Users can simply import MSG files to Outlook for free, but if you have several PST files and want to import preferred MSG files, I wouldn’t recommend using the manual way.
  • manual techniques lacked capabilities for filtering out undesirable MSG files, and there is no certainty that the Folder hierarchy and data integrity would be preserved. Aside from that, if your process is interrupted manually, you must resume it. Furthermore, there’s a good risk your MSG file may become inaccessible, and you’ll lose all of your crucial data.
  • Outlook may hang or become sluggish if users attempt to import many MSG files.

Option 2: A Reliable tool to Open MSG file in Outlook

Users prefer a third-party MSG converter due to the limitations and a few circumstances when DIY techniques fail. You may find automatic software to import MSG files from a number of providers on the internet. However, not all of them are suitable for you.

Use the MSG converter if any of the aforementioned scenarios apply to you. Importing MSG files into Outlook is one of the most popular and recommended methods. Most firms have used this program to import their MSG files because of its speed and advanced features.


Manually importing MSG files into Outlook is simple and requires no prior technical knowledge or setup. Use the MSG converter if you wish to exclude undesired information or create a separate PST file for MSG files. It also includes a free version, which you must utilize.

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