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How to Make Physics Easy and Interesting for Class 12?

by imaadinarayan

Most students find Physics one of the most challenging subjects because of many vast syllabi, derivations, and numerical in CBSE Class 12 Physics NCERT books. However, if students plan well and pay close attention from the beginning of the session, they will truly understand the concepts and begin to enjoy Physics. They need a well-structured and organized study plan. Here we have provided tips for preparing for the CBSE Board Class 12 Physics to help students develop a proper study plan. But before we move on to the end, here are some key points to keep in mind to increase your interest in Physics. These tips help you in board exam preparation and assist you in competitive exams.

1. Master your Basics:

Physics is a subject based on several central theories with which everything thrives. Every physics problem you will solve in an O-level physics exam or assessment is based on the core principles and concepts.

The difficulty level increases unit-wise when you see Physics Syllabus Class 11 and Class 12. First, they start with basics from SI Units and then go forward.

Most students’ mistake is memorizing complex problems, which leads to the notion that physics is a tricky subject. We recommend that you acquaint yourself with the basic concepts and theories first to help you understand the basic principles of physics and the relationship between each concept.

The best way to improve your basics of physics is to create a mindmap. It will help you to relate each concept with the previous concepts.

It would be best if you also memorized some basic Physics Formulas such as:

  • Force = mass x acceleration
  • Momentum = mass x velocity
  • Current Velocity = Initial velocity + (acceleration * time)
  • Work = displacement*force

2. Learn How to derive basic equations:

After memorizing the simple equations used in physics, the next thing you need to do is understand why they work and how. Knowing how to derive Basic Physics Formulas help you to derive complex equations and problem-solving.

It will give you a clear understanding of the relationship between mathematics, and over time you will learn how to solve the problem in basic-level physics and beyond. Learning to find equations will put you better positioned to use them effectively.

3. Improve your mathematical problem-solving skills:

As we have said before, physics incorporates many mathematical elements. One way to improve your basic physics level is to enhance your ability to deal with Maths Formulas and mathematical problems.

The best way to deal with physics problems is to join a study group or ask doubt from your teacher. This way, you will have someone to guide you on how to study and what to do. Here are a few math tips that can help you to solve physics problems:

  • Algebra for basic equations
  • Trigonometry of rotation problems, forcing patterns, and angle systems
  • Geometry with problems facing volume, area, etc.

4. Solve problems step by step:

We have all been there when problems seem too difficult to understand. However, no matter what the problem or problem is, try to keep the situation as simple as possible. It requires you to re-examine the physical problem and begin to analyze it.

At the end of each chapter, many questions are given in the Physics NCERT Book for practice to get the solution NCERT solution for class 12 Physics. When you complete your syllabus, start solving Physics Sample Paper for Class 12. These sample problems will give you a clear insight into CBSE Class 12 Board Exam.

Make sure you write down the correct equations and constants and provide each piece of relevant information in the appropriate variables. Our Singapore physics classes will help you to solve problems efficiently.

5. Pay attention in Class and revise class notes:

Before paying for physics study materials in Coaching Classes, you need to pay attention in class as the teacher explains the concepts. No matter what teaching method is used, physics can be tedious, and when your mind wanders, you will lose significant meaning. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your Class:

  • Always read in advance the teacher to get a general idea of ​​what the teacher is teaching. Make notes in class as the teacher explains in simple terms. 
  • Always ask questions, and clear your doubt with the teacher. 
  • Most students regularly pick up textbooks when revising for their exams. However, the easiest thing is to check the Class 12 Physics Notes and also get some important questions CBSE class 12 Physics before starting the next lesson. Doing this will help you to keep the information taught during Class.
  • If you are attending physics tuitions, make sure you clear your doubts and ask him to teach topics you did not understand.

We will say that physics is not a very difficult subject. But if you run away from Physics, the difficulty will continue to chase. You just need to light a candle to hope that you can learn Physics and secure good marks in it. Success will come your way. You just need to overcome the “Fear of Physics.” Physics will be defeated automatically. I hope the advice we are giving in this article will help you increase your interest in physics.

 Best Regards! Happy Learning!

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