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How to make a logo for a coffee shop

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The logo of a coffee shop or cafe is an important part of the corporate identity. Coffee is a popular drink on all continents. A corporate logo for a coffee shop will become an additional means of attracting customers.

Creating a logo is one of the most difficult tasks when developing the brand style of a restaurant or cafe.The secret of a successful logo is that a person who has seen it at least once can easily draw its features on paper. Therefore, any designer should start with a sketch or sketch. Next, you need to decorate it all. Most of the logos of restaurants and cafes use standard, familiar colors for this type of business: beige, brown and muted green. Of course, you need to experiment with the color scheme and take into account the existing one if you already have one.

It is better to give preference to natural neutral colors: beige, brown, muted green. Such color solutions can often be found on the signs of coffee shops, they are the most suitable.

Also, with the help of coloring, you can evoke certain associations in people. For example, yellow represents joy, and orange represents comfort. Use this when choosing a logo color palette.

Sans-serif fonts look more modern: they convey aspiration, novelty, neatness. This font style is perfect for such an institution.

The simpler the handwriting, the easier it will be to print on different products, and the better it will look.

The Turbologo logo creation service will allow you to change the font at the editing stage.

Don’t be afraid to move the text up or slightly to the side, rotate and bend. The ideal can be created only by fully working out all the options, and if desired, you can go back to the beginning.

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Reflect your advantages in the logo. Yes, yes, it was written above, but it’s really important, it’s important from the logo to show who you really are without false promises. Choose what is close to you, what you feel is a coincidence, what inspires you. Important: the colors should match the interior, the font should match the mood, and the sign should match the kitchen.

If you use more than one color, make sure that the different colors match each other. In most cases, you want one color to stand out more than the secondary ones. You can also use a black and white image to add depth to your design without using multiple shades.

The main problem when creating the right coffee shop logo is the high saturation of this market. There are many common elements that are used in existing logos, so it becomes more and more difficult to come up with something new every day. However, this must be done, because otherwise, when using a logo, the elements of which are present on the logo of competitors, you can simply blend in with them in the eyes of potential customers. 

Do not worry about the fact that the coffee shop logo created initially may eventually lose its attractiveness not only in the eyes of customers, but also according to your own feelings. In most cases, the logos of coffee shops are subject to change over the course of the formation of the brand. There is no need to be afraid to abandon any idea in order to introduce something new.

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