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How To Know If I Have Bad Backlinks? How To Remove Them?

by rockdavid
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Google is the Ruling King of the ‘WEB WORLD’. And every King remains concerned about its Kingdom. Similarly, Google keeps a sharp eye on spam websites. They are like trespassers for Google. The King has guards to protect the territory who punish the law-breakers. Same way, Google has its algorithm which penalizes the websites following spammy techniques.

1. What Is The Effect Of Penalty On Spam Websites?

Penalties are Punishments that can grab the whole reputation of the website.

For example, if the number of visitors visiting your website before punishment was 1000, then after penalty imposition, it would become 0.

What If I Am Already Penalized?

Don’t worry! There is a solution for everything. You can save your website from being punished with the help of ‘Google Disavow Tool’.

2. What Is The Leading Cause That Your Website Gets Spammed?

Your website can get spammed if you are relying on certain spam links.

I thought, “Links are Good for a website.” But you are saying, “Links could harm the website’s reputation.” I am CONFUSED!

Don’t be Confused. Let me explain it to you.

You are correct in saying that the links are a great source of promotion. It is always good to see someone posting your article (with your permission) with your name on their website.

It’s Right!

More links, More Scores to your reputation!


Only Quality links can help you to make your reputation shine. The spammed or unnatural links can only cause problems to your website. Here are some ways or sources from which you can get the spam links:

  • Pages that only collect links
  • Links gained from the spammed sites
  • Backlinks that does not belong to your native country
  • Links found in the Spam Comments

3. What Is The Benefit Of Incorporating Good Links On Your Website?

A user can enjoy numerous benefits by adding good links on the website:

  • The good links show how ‘Quality-Enhanced-Content’ you are having
  • Genuine Reliable Backlinks are accountable for improving your
  • Domain Authority
  • Page Authority
  • Visibility in Search Engines
  • Ranking


Greed is Curse. Don’t be greedy to incorporate every link on your website.

4. So, What Is The Solution If I Have Spammy Links On My Websites?

As mentioned earlier – the ‘Google Disavow Tool’ is the foremost solution. Here you can invalidate the spammy links.

Don’t Make This Foolish Mistake!

You should not invalidate a backlink until you are sure it is spammy.

Google has issued a warning on their ‘Google Disavow Tool Page’ as well, which says:

Brainy Question!

What If I want to invalidate a link? Since you are saying that I should not invalidate a link until I am sure, what should I do in that situation?

Our (Kinex Media) SEO experts suggest you invalidate a link only if you have no solution left to get off with the link.

Otherwise, you can get rid of the links in the following ways:

  • Write an email to the website owner who is backlinked with you. Make a polite request to them to remove the link.
  • If in case you do not find their contact number or email id, you can get in touch with them through:
  • Social Media
  • Blog Comments Section

5. But Why Are You Restricting Me From Not Invalidating A Link?

  • You May Unknowingly Be Harming Someone’s Reputation

My dear reader, invalidating a link is not something small. It is a serious business. Through this method, you convey information to google that a particular site is threatening your business. What if you have not acquired complete details of that site and concluded it to be spammy within a short period?

‘A little Knowledge is a Dangerous thing.

  • You May Let All SEO Efforts Go In Vain!

You can unknowingly make some costly mistakes. If you are providing false information to Google, it will penalize you. The whole of your optimization efforts will go in vain.

6. How Would I Know Which Links I Should Invalidate?

It is a bit touch-and-go (uncertain) to find if a link is spam or not. But when an influencer like Neil Patel is there to help us, we are worry-free. He has developed a free backlink tool. This tool can help us know whether a particular backlink is good or bad. Once you have a list of the bad and good backlinks, next comes the task of identifying them.

Don’t Worry! You needn’t do it manually!

SEMrush’s backlink audit tool can help you whether the particular backlink is spam or not.

Make A List Of The Spammed Links.

Prepare the list of the backlinks which you have found spammed. You can take action on such links with Google’s Disavow tool.

Use it or Lose it!

If you have less than ten bad backlinks, you must invest some time to go through each one.

7. What If A Link Is Not Spamming One, But It Is Irrelevant?

Take an example; You are a web designing agency, and you are getting backlinks from the cooking & sports industry. These links might not be spam, but they are not relevant to your niche. They are of no use as they cannot help you fetch your target audience.

Don’t Compromise with Superior Quality!

If you have backlinks whose URLs end with ‘.click’ or ‘.xys’, you must consider invalidating them. They are of poor quality.

8. How Can I Prevent Myself From Spam Sites?

Add a Spam filter in Google Analytics.

9. How Can I Disavow Links With ‘Google’s Disavow Tool’?

Fortunately, the whole process to invalidate a link is relatively simpler.

1: Go to Google’s Disavow Tool.

2: Make a selection of the site you want to take action on

3: Click on ‘Disavow Links’

4: Consider the warning and do what you find necessary.

5: Google will reconfirm by showing one more warning. Don’t get cold feet if you have decided to disavow the link in the previous warning.

6: Click on ‘Choose File

7: Select the .txt file where you have mentioned all the bad backlinks.

8: Click on ‘Send’


Let’s Get Concise!

If an SEO executive does not know about ‘Google’s Disavow Tool,’ he should consider getting apt knowledge about it. It would be best to use it in moderation. Excessive use of this tool can harm the efforts invested in optimizing the website.

You can’t simply invalidate any backlink. You have to be very sure about it. Otherwise, you could harm ‘Your Website’ and ‘Backlinked Website’s reputation.

We’ll get in touch with you with our next article. Until then, Goodbye!

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