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How To Increase Sales on Amazon

by Stella Sharon
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Are you finding your Amazon product getting stuck? It can be an issue if sales are lower than you’d like to have, and you’re likely looking for the reason how you’re doing it wrong. The reason for your low sales could be the result of a variety of reasons.

Maybe your product listing isn’t optimized for your primary search terms. Perhaps people are opting to purchase a similar product that has more favorable reviews. 

If your inventory isn’t growing at the speed you’d prefer, here are some strategies to help you figure out how to boost the number of sales on Amazon.

1. Optimize Your Listing

To make sales on Amazon, you must present your product in front of buyers. There is no way anyone will purchase a product that they haven’t had the pleasure of seeing. 

To get a position in the results of Amazon’s search results for all the major search terms and to get your product found your listing must be optimized for terms that are related to your product.

It is possible to accomplish this with the help of an amazon keyword tool to help you find the most popular keywords. Make sure you’re using an instrument that is based on Amazon information. 

If you search for the primary word that describes your product and the tool will give you the monthly volume of searches for that specific word along with additional keywords suggested for you to choose from and their monthly search volumes.

When you have an inventory of keywords that are relevant for your product and you are ready to begin making your list. 

Contrary to Google its search engine, Amazon’s is focused on specific keywords which means that if a term appears in the listing only once there is no additional weight provided if it’s repeated.

2. Focus on Increasing Your Review Count

More than 85% of online customers say they trust reviews about products more than they do the personal recommendations of others. 

That means that an abundance of reviews and good ratings on reviews can result in significant sales for your item. However, 90 percent of Amazon customers do not give feedback, which means that the vast majority of buyers do not leave feedback.

3. Run a Promotional Launch or Giveaway

At first glance, it might appear odd in your quest for ways to boost sales on Amazon. What could a giveaway of your product for a discounted price aid in making it a hit? However, there is a science to this procedure that could increase your rank and increase sales over the long term.

What is a Launch?

The product’s launch can be described as a specific promotion that is designed to propel your site to be on the first page of results of searches for a key keyword. 

The main objective of this method is to increase sales organically However, you’ll need to give away your item at a substantial discount to increase your keyword’s rank.

To be ranked among the best competitors, you have to be able to match or even exceed the sales of their day-to-day operations during a limited time. Typically, the discount should be at least 90% to make the number of units daily.

4. Utilize PPC Ads

The PPC (Pay per Click) ads enable your business to gain more attention to a particular keyword. When you create a PPC program, you decide on the daily budget and place a set bid for a click. 

Amazon will then publish your listing as an advertisement that is targeted to specific keywords. The seller will not be charged until the advertisement is clicked. For advanced amazon PPC strategies, click here.

Keep in mind that the mere fact that someone clicks don’t mean they’ll purchase, so make sure that your ad and your photos are optimized to make sales.

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