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How to Fix Snapchat Not Loading Snaps?

by Elenasmith
Snapchat Not Loading Snaps


Snapchat is a leading social networking app that is quite famous among youngsters for its unique feature that whatever you post whether it is a photo or video clip, which is known as Snap, will disappear from your account after 24 hours. You can share your snap with cool filters and effects among your family and friends. Along with this, you can use Snapchat as an instant messaging app as well as a camera app that contains more than hundreds of trending filters. 

Sometimes when users open Snaps it shows an error and if you are a Snapchat user you must have faced this bug which shows Snapchat not loading Snaps or sometimes ‘Tap to load’ error. It is quite frustrating as these errors occur very frequently if they appear once. So, let us discuss why these errors come in front of us and how to get rid of them.

Why does the “Snapchat Not Loading Snaps” issue happen:

There may be various reasons for which this error occurs, but the prominent ones are Network issues, cache issues, storage issues, and others like permission to third-party apps issues. Irrespective of all these issues, Snapchat has a feature that downloads the Snaps you receive in the background so that when you open Snapchat you need not wait for the Snaps to load, but sometimes it does not do so and instead shows this “Snapchat Not Loading Snaps” error.

Whatever the reason, you still can solve the issue, and we have tried to help you by doing it in this particular article with different methods, and we hope that any of the below-given methods work for you. 

Methods to Fix Snapchat Not Loading Snaps:

It is not easy to say exactly what reason leads to such problems, so you can try all of this one by one from the most simple solution to the most technical one.

Method 1:  Check Snapchat Server Status

Before trying anything, make sure that it is not occurring because of the Snapchat server. It is easy to check, you can go for another device and if the problem exists in that too, or you can check other apps also if they are working smoothly then it might be because of the server issue of Snapchat. But if you are sure that this is not because of servers then you can go for other methods.

Method 2: Restart your device:

When you use your device to run Snapchat, sometimes the RAM consumption becomes high and the app doesn’t run properly which leads to a problem. You are advised to not try too much to open the snaps as this may lead to the account of Snapchat temporarily locked and for more details on it, you may refer to ‘guidebrain.com’.

When you restart your device, RAM memory resets itself and then if you run the Snapchat, it may work properly. It is the easiest and one-step solution so I prefer to go for it first.

Method 3: Clear App Cache:

When you surf the internet and open various sites or watch snaps, these snaps or pages are stored temporarily in your PC in the cache folder. With time this temporary data stores more memory and the app starts malfunctioning. This may also happen to Snapchat also which leads to this error.

  • To resolve the issue, you just have to clear the cache files, and to do this follow the given steps:
  • STEP 1: Open the settings of your device by going to the app drawer menu.
  • STEP 2: Below is the newly opened menu is given the apps option, click on it.
  • STEP 3: This opens the list of all the apps installed on your device including the preloaded apps.
  • STEP 4: Look for Snapchat and tap on it, there comes an option of storage.
  • STEP 5: Click on the storage option and then on the “clear cache files” option to clear all the cache files.

Method 4: – Turn Off Data Saver:

Turning the data saver on helps you to save data as well as the battery of your device but this leads to restricting apps to run in the background as well as usage of data. Due to this, Snapchat is unable to download snaps in the background and when you run the app it shows a “Tap to Load” error.

Though the solution of this is to turn the data saver off by going to the setting then connection and finally turn off the data saver but for android, there is a privilege to you that you can turn off the data saver for any particular app that is Snapchat.

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To do this, firstly go to the settings of your device, click on the apps option and then look for the Snapchat app. Finally, turn off the mobile data for Snapchat.

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