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How to find a Dissertation Topics on Human Rights?

How to find a Dissertation Topics on Human Rights?

by Miguel 87978

There are numerous dissertation topics relating to human rights. African American slavery is considered a violation of human rights. Human rights accords have not yet been signed on any subjects from the Civil War era. Contemporary topics are also controversial. These examples should serve as a starting point for dissertation topics on human rights. They are not meant to be exhaustive but should provide enough information to get you started. Check out the links below if you need more information on human rights.

Examples of human rights dissertation topics:

In preparing for a dissertation, it is essential to choose the right topic. A topic relevant to your dissertation will keep you engaged and inform you of additional information you might want to include. Brainstorming is a common writing technique that can come in handy to develop an original idea. Consider these ten writing prompts for an introduction to human rights dissertation topics. These will give you some general thoughts on the best cases for this dissertation.

ICC Statute:

The ICC Statute has many implications for human rights. The ICC is an international court and has the potential to deliver justice for victims of human rights violations. This court is growing in legitimacy and could eventually attract states that support human rights and other important causes. Recent cases include crimes committed by regime leaders in Kenya and Ivory Coast. However, the ICC is not without controversy. Some have questioned its legitimacy, and others have argued that it plays a role.


There are two primary concerns about the ICC Statute. First, the ICCC must be given the means to carry out its work without state interference and bias. Second, the ICC needs to be given the tools to pursue justice for victims without any influence from states. The International Criminal Court needs to be empowered to focus on all those responsible for crimes committed in conflict areas and to strengthen local justice institutions. Thirdly, ratified states cannot simply rely on the ICC to deliver justice; they must invest in the long-term economic development of victims of conflict and abuse.


International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights:

When you consider the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights as a topic for a dissertation, you may not be familiar with the details of its provisions. However, these documents are full of legal and ethical implications. For example, article 40 of the Covenant requires that state parties implement the provisions of this treaty. It also requires that state parties provide the appropriate remedy to people who suffer violations of their rights. As a result, it may be worth looking into as a dissertation topic.

Platt case:

There are many reasons for choosing the Platt case as a dissertation topic. First, it focuses on the Platt case, a disputed property involving two brothers in the mid-1990s. Second, it allows you to examine the complex legal system. Third, it’s a fascinating case which can serve as the basis for a dissertation. A dissertation involves a lot of research. The case is also interesting because of its historical background, and many have written about it. It’s worth reading the case in detail if you’re curious about it.

Death penalty:

While the death penalty as a dissertation topic on human rights may be controversial, there are many ways to examine this issue. Whether you see it as a punishment or a form of revenge, you can see why it has caused so much debate. Furthermore, you can also examine the issue from various aspects, including its method, philosophy, and social acceptance. The main challenge of this assignment is that it requires a cold mind and accuracy, and your position may change a lot from the beginning of the paper to the end.

Defining factors for human rights:

Defining factors for human rights dissertation topic ideas are many. Human rights are the laws that govern all human beings. While these rights were granted to individuals in Medieval Europe, they were not universal until 1948. A major purpose of the 1948 declaration was to make certain human rights versatile. It was a reaction to World War II and addressed the origin of the concept of human rights in Western civilization. Many aspects of human rights have been debated throughout history, and these topics sure spark your interest.



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