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How to Defeat a Bully in Their Own Poker Game?

by deepakyaduvanshi
How to Defeat a Bully in Their Own Poker Game?

Defeat a Bully in Their Own Poker

A ‘bully’ can be found in any part of the world, even the poker table. The bully is the loose, aggressive, and domineering player at the poker table. This player has the capacity to make other players uncomfortable rapidly, which causes the player to lose concentration and increase the likelihood of losing the game.

A bully effectively wins his way out by persuading other players to fold. His fault is that he can’t win in a fight. A good player who wants to defeat the game’s bully should never fall into this trap and should be prepared to wait for what may seem like an eternity, but patience is the key here. A player should request a showdown if he has strong cards and is confident in them. To take down the bully, it’s necessary to assess one’s own position and focus on the strength of the bully’s cards. The most important thing is to not be frightened to face the bully.

Few Ways You Can Beat A Bully In Their Own Game:

  • Count on Your Cards: If your calculations show that you have a better chance of holding a strong hand during any of the post-flop phases, you should rely on them. Because you don’t always have a good probability of winning, it’s best to trust your calculations and place your bets correctly. If you already have a strong hand, rather than folding because a bully is betting or raising aggressively, play it out. When it comes to your activities, be cautious and confident.
  • Choose the Right Table: Your poker approach should be to choose a table with a large number of fish (weaker players who are easy to beat) and a low number of bullies (who might get tough to beat at times). You also don’t want a tight poker table that doesn’t provide you enough opportunities to win.
  • Check and Call: Check the bully’s pre-flop bet to avoid a raise when you have a positional advantage. You can go to the flip stage and make a call if you have good hands. Bullies will almost certainly raise your stakes on both the flop and turn stages. This is how they determine whether you can hit or will fold quickly.
  • Bankroll Management: You should constantly keep an eye on your bankroll while playing against bullies at online poker tables for real money. You may think it’s getting better, but a few of losses to bullies when you hold your ground until the river might quickly deplete your bankroll. You want to play for a long period to give yourself the best opportunity of getting a few big victories against the bullies, and in order to do so, you’ll need to have enough money set up for the night you’ll be fighting it out.

In tournament play, dealing with a bully is considerably more difficult. This is because there are a limited number of chips available, assuming it is past the re-buy period or if it is a no-re-buy event. It’s crucial to maintain track of where the large stack is in the current hand when you have a little stack relative to the biggest stack at your tournament table.

Make sure you have a strong hand if they’re on your left before entering the pot. You should only play hands with which the bully is willing to call an all-in bet before entering a pot unless you’re extremely short-stacked. Big stacked bullies will force you to play for all of your chips in a poker tournament. As the competition advances, this becomes more important.

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