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How to Clean a mouse pad?

by chrisevans
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Many of us use mousepads and because of their extensive usage, it gets quirky, rough, and dirty. The mousepads can get super dirty and collect a lot of dirt due to their cloth nature after some time.

Furthermore, with the typical work area facilitating ahead of 20,000 microorganisms for every square inch, the last thing you need is significantly more rottenness in your workspace.

Perhaps you lack the capacity to deal with a lot of spring cleaning, however, you can essentially begin little by cleaning your mouse pad.

well, many of you are laptop users who have not faced the issue of the mousepad getting filthy, well everything as its good and bad just like there are certain things and differences like laptop vs desktop pros and cons.

Now, let’s talk about the ones who are mousepad users and have come here searching, How to clean a mouse pad.

How to Clean a Mouse pad

The best way to clean your mouse pad, that you can use is through a simple washing soap and warm water, but make sure the water must not be too hot otherwise, the synthetic fiber of the mouse pad will get ruptured and open up.

  1. Take a small tub and fill it with warm water and soap or washing liquid.

  2. Put the Mouse pad in it for a few minutes, it will remove all the grease stuck on it for many months. 

  3. Lightly rub the Mouse pad surface through a sponge, make sure you sub it gently otherwise the surface would get rough, and ultimately it will decrease your gaming performance or usability, especially if you are a combat player.

  4. Let the mouse pad rinsed properly for a few hours. 

  5. Use a hairdryer to completely dry the pad and let it be for at least a day. This offers you the best results and improve PUBG performance if you are a PUBG player. 

If you are a sort of lazy person and don’t want to give many efforts you also use the alternative of this, by putting your mouse pad in a washing machine. 

For this, you need to put your washing machine on low tumble and only use cold water. After the process follows the same method of rinsing, hairdryer drying, and keeping the mouse pad used for at least 24 to 36 hours. 

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