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How to Care For Your N95 Mask

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An N95 mask is an abbreviated form for an N95 respirator, which is an industrial particulate respirator that meets the United States National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) standards. The respirators are designed to protect against hazardous exposure to airborne particles such as dust, pollen, mold spores, chemicals, and fumes. In fact, these masks are the only protection against these particles that are mandated by OSHA.

The first time you wear an N95 mask, you should read the instructions provided on the product carefully. Be aware of the warning symbols that usually appear on the front or back of the mask. These warning signs indicate the areas on the mask where the wearer can breathe comfortably.

When to wear an N95 mask?

Respirators are typically worn while working in a variety of conditions. Some situations require the use of a respirator while others do not. For example, if the wearer is doing heavy cleaning or welding, he/she will probably be required to wear a respirator. Likewise, if the work environment is very dry, you will probably be required to wear a respirator. Even in cases where a respirator might not be required, it is important to always wear one in case of an emergency. As we are battling with the Covid-19 pandemic right now and the virus has become airborne and the spread has been rapid in the past few months hence we can wear an N95 mask whenever we go out or come in contact with the public.

It is always best to read the manual that comes with the equipment before you begin using it because it will tell you what types of respirators are available, how to put them on, and even the appropriate situations to wear them. As far as maintenance of the equipment, it is recommended that you check the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure that the respirators continue to be effective for a longer time.

It is important to maintain your respirators

Once you find the correct respirators for your work environment, you will also need to learn how to maintain them. Make sure that they are checked regularly and replaced after they get deteriorated.

Safety is always the most important issue when working with hazardous materials. If you don’t think that you will be exposed to any hazardous substances on a regular basis, be sure to wear the correct protective gear.

One of the biggest threats from a defective N95 mask is that you can inhale a number of harmful chemicals. In order to minimize the risks, never wear your mask while handling chemicals, cleaning equipment, or anything else that is highly toxic.

Additionally, ensure that the breathing protection has been properly attached to the mask. Never attach it to a loose piece of clothing.

When selecting your protective gear, be sure to check for lanyards if the lanyards are loose and hanging off the mask, then you need to take them off immediately, if they are too large and cumbersome, the mask may fall off and get into the worker’s face. Make sure the lanyards are tight enough to keep the mask on securely but also secure enough to prevent it from falling down.

To buy the N95 mask, you can check your nearby retail stores and pharmacies, where you can find a wide variety of brands that are manufacturing the best quality N95 mask. In case if you are avoiding going out amidst the pandemic then you can get these masks delivered to your home via websites like accumed.com.


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