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How Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Helps You Boost Your Business?

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Leverage the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales in your organization

In a modernized business environment organizations must look for solutions to maximizing sales. Traditional sales tools may lack capabilities to effectively support sales and business growth, especially in the growing market. Therefore, it is important for organizations to embrace modern sales solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales.   

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Helps you get an edge than your rivals in the competitive space. It provides capabilities and tools that today’s salespeople need to be successful in their sales. They can maintain strong relationships with customers, close deals faster and take actions based on in-depth understanding.

Dynamics 365 Sales comes in various versions – Dynamics 365 Sales premium, Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise, and Dynamics 365 Sales professional. When you decide to go for Dynamics 365 Sales, make sure you get the service from trusted and experienced Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners.

For your business in any of the Middle East or Asian countries, get the support from Microsoft Gold Partners in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Kenya, Pakistan, and India.

How Dynamics 365 Sales helps transform your business sales?

Dynamics 365 allows salespeople to engage with their customers at the right time and place across their preferred channels.

Customer engagement capabilities that help you increase sales.

Dynamics 365 provides a digital workspace that integrates everything that your sales people need. With access to the information, sales teams can precisely target customers and engage with them. This enables sales teams to shorten the sales cycle.

The sales accelerator capability in Dynamics 365 helps sales people focus on their sales activities through AI and predictive scoring. Predictive scoring helps your team find sales leads that are likely to convert.

AI-powered conversion intelligence feature allows teams to detect customer emotions, priorities and sentiments. This helps your team to engage with their customers in a personalized manner. Moreover, selling can be done via softphone dialer, Microsoft Teams and emails.

The application provides a coordinated virtual engagement with a collaboration hub. It allows you to have effective communication with customers, colleagues and data. Virtual engagement can be achieved through Microsoft Teams integration. Your Microsoft Partner can help you get the Teams integration done.

Customer feedback is important. You can get the customer’s view on your products or services by embedding survey insights from Dynamics 365 Customer Voice. Integrate Dynamics 365 Customer Voice with Dynamics 365 Sales and know what your customers are saying about you.

Capabilities that help you build strong relationships with customers

You can take advantage of information from relationship analytics and LinkedIn to develop strong relationships with customers. Access LinkedIn profiles and get insights for more sales opportunities. Integrate LinkedIn Sales Navigator with Dynamics 365 sales and find new buyers.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides more capabilities that help you accelerate customer relationships. You can keep track of buyers, get an integrated view of customer interactions, recognize customers who need attention, and know how to engage customers.

Relationship analytics helps you understand the history of customer contact, opportunity, and leads. It can be used to improve your sales team’s performance. Relationship Analytics helps find answers to most of the sales team’s questions.

Capabilities that helps you improve collaboration

Microsoft Teams integration helps improve sales performance. But how? With access to customer data and insights in Microsoft Teams, sales teams can better communicate and collaborate. Integrating Microsoft Teams chat improves communication among sales team members. They can chat, meet, make audio and video calls, conduct virtual meetings and more. You can get the Microsoft Teams integration done with the help from Microsoft Dynamics Solution Partners.

Capabilities that accelerate sales team’s productivity

Take wise actions on the notes you make during meetings or discussion with notes analysis features. Notes analysis provides suggestions on customer related activities. When your salespeople create an appointment, task, note or other custom activities, notes analysis examines the descriptions given on these activities and provides you suggestions.

The good part is that you can automate tedious sales and marketing tasks helping your teams to focus on other sales tasks that matter. This results in improved productivity.

With access to contextual sales data via Outlook, switching between apps can be minimized. Salespeople can manage sales while staying in Outlook app.  The deal manager workspace allows the team to view sales deals, act proactively and manage sales opportunities. You can personalize the workspace with the help of Microsoft Dynamics Partner.

Besides these capabilities, your teams can seamlessly manage sales activities wherever they are on any device. Using Dynamics 365 Sales mobile app, your team can view sales priorities and take action swiftly. They can view details of the meetings, participants, and even join meetings in Microsoft Teams.

You can extend the app’s capabilities with integration. Dynamics 365 Sales can be integrated with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Microsoft Teams, Zoom Info app, and smart phone. Dynamics 365 professionals provide right integration that helps you meet your sales goals. So, kick start your sales with the support from reliable Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Kenya, Pakistan, and India.

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