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How Medical Offices Can Reduce Admin Tasks With Tech

by stechcsndyer

Routine admin tasks take up a lot of your time. These are tasks that are tedious but necessary. The key to taking the sting out of them is using the correct new tech. Once you have it, you can take back hours of your life that you would much rather spend on other concerns. Here is how you can use tech to make it happen.

Use Tech to Streamline Your Online Booking

There are a wide variety of modern practice management solutions available for you to make use of. Once you do so, you will notice a huge upgrade in your efficiency. Using an online booking system will make it much easier for patients to secure an appointment at your practice. It also takes hours’ worth of admin work off the shoulders of your employees.


You no longer have to spend so much time on the phone. A patient can access your automated booking system and set up an appointment in a few minutes. From there, they will receive automated calendar invites. These are notices that will give them a handy reminder of when their appointment is due.


You can also use the two-way sync feature to reduce the number of cancellations you receive. This function will update all of the available time slots in real-time. New patients will see which times are available and can quickly move to fill them.

Automated Reminders Will Reduce No-Shows

The most annoying thing about booking appointments the old-fashioned way is when a patient still fails to show up. You may have had your receptionist call them several times and still no result. But when you automate this function, you will have a higher rate of efficiency. Text reminders are highly effective reminders.


You can use the automated text function to give your patient a reminder of when their appointment is scheduled. This will also allow you to schedule a patient appointment-based directly on their treatment plan. Your patient will know exactly when they need to come in without you needing to physically remind them.

Automation Lets You Fill Out Forms Online

One of the most tedious admin tasks of all is the need to hand out forms and collect signatures. Online tech is now available to eliminate this chore. A patient can log on to your system and quickly do all of the work themselves, then send it straight to you.


There are other important benefits that come with online form filling. You can quickly screen your patients for COVID-19 symptoms. This will help you prepare in case you need to deal with them directly in your office. You may be able to schedule a telehealth conference that ensures the safety of your workers.


Being able to fill out forms online reduces the amount of time that a patient needs to wait for an appointment. It also cuts down on the time they need to spend in your waiting room. This is all the more crucial if they are suffering from COVID-19. A shorter waiting period will reduce exposure for other patients.

Automated Bill Payment Reduces Financial Concerns

Another major concern that you will want to avoid is any kind of delay in bill payment. Automating this function will help you collect in a more efficient and timely fashion. The system will send a bill to the patient. Once they get it, they can use the online function. This makes bill payment a quick and easy task.


You can set the system to collect payment at a certain time and date. This will allow for auto-payment, making the process even more convenient. If payment is not received, you can use the program to send reminder emails. All of these tasks can be fully automated, thus saving you a great deal of time and energy.

New Tech Makes Office Automation a Breeze

There has never been a better time to use tech for your office. The new breed of automation programs has made basic admin tasks easier than ever. You no longer have to invest huge amounts of personal time to complete them. You can now make use of admin tech to make running your medical office a more efficient affair.

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