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How is Your Website’s Health?

by landauconsulting
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E-commerce enterprises rely on their online portal to gain customers and make sales. If their websites are slow and have problems, their revenue and market standing also suffer. Regularly checking the site for issues is crucial to avoid these problems and help the business achieve its goals.

A website health check is a complete diagnostic examination of the specific and overall aspects. Regularly conducting this activity prevents unexpected issues and ascertains that everything is in working order. Particularly, it allows the company to identify concerns and make improvements as soon as possible before they worsen.

Some of the issues that affect e-commerce platforms are page speed, security, responsiveness, usability, and accessibility.

  • Page speed is the time it takes to display content after the user clicks the link fully. E-commerce companies now use speed as a competitive advantage. Because it influences customer experience, it also affects the bounce rate and conversions.

Tools like Google Analytics Site Speed can help companies measure their page loading time. The results will also reveal elements causing issues with loading speed. It also grades the website’s performance based on the average load time.

There are various reasons why an e-commerce page has a slow speed. It could be that the webpage contains many high-resolution images that take up a lot of bandwidth and slow the website down. Another reason could be the presence of numerous and heavy JavaScript files. The ideal solution for these problems is optimizing images and using inline JavaScript.

  • Security is another aspect that significantly impacts the website’s health. Insecure sites are vulnerable to cyberattacks and malware. Malware can deface content, place spams, redirect visitors to a malicious network, and remove web pages from search results.  Cyberattacks can cause server crashes, data theft, and disrupt operations.

As much as possible, companies should maintain their security to avoid these threats and compromise their integrity and reputation. Owners can employ tools capable of coding the pages, running security checks, and fixing vulnerabilities. Using a firewall and antivirus software and consistently performing scans also strengthen system protection against malware.

  • Webpage functionality is also on the list of site features that need regular checkups. Common problems that might come up are that images do not display or the page does not load. Website owners can track the source of the error by using a browser and network tools. Common reasons could be a typo error on the HTML code, web hosting configuration issue, or malware attacks.

Owners want to be sure that the pages load without errors. Regular health checks help discover and resolve these webpage usability problems promptly. Well-performing sites seamlessly give visitors the information they need, making the company more appealing to customers.

Conducting website maintenance is essential, especially to e-commerce enterprises. Some companies even invest in talents and technology to achieve desired results. However, not every business can afford to do this, particularly small and starting ventures.

Fortunately, organizations have an alternative in outsourced online marketing NJ services. Service providers like Landau Consulting offer support to businesses struggling with their digital platform and marketing management. Their services cover website design NJ, search engine optimization (SEO), lead generation, link building, and many more.

Landau Consulting can also assist in e-commerce site checkups to optimize website performance. Entrepreneurs can leave the technical details to the professionals so they can focus on decision-making. Digital marketing experts can provide insight and guidance on how the business can improve to achieve its goals. Outsourcing is also more cost-effective and efficient for small companies than hiring an in-house team.

Read more about online platform health checks and where to get website development support in an infographic by Landau Consulting.

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