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How is IVF treatment made plan customized post menopause with donor eggs?

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IVF treatment Post Menopause With Donor Eggs

IVF cycle is one of the most asked treatments among couples struggling to conceive despite all the odds. To plan your treatment journey the right way, you need to visit one of the best IVF Centre in Punjab to plan the treatment journey most effectively. When you consult the fertility doctor, your condition is thoroughly diagnosed to know better the issue and how to plan the next stage of your IVF cycle. Even in the case of menopause, IVF has proven to be fruitful for individuals. In this case, the woman is suggested to get IVF with donor eggs.

IVF treatment with Donor Eggs

The IVF cycle cost with donor egg, on average, can be Rs 12,000. If you are traveling to India to undergo this treatment journey, it will take around 28 days to get it done. Moreover, the need for hospitalization is not needed. In the case of sperm donation, the male partner can go back within seven days.


Does age play an essential role in IVF?

YES! The age of women plays a significant factor in the IVF success rate. On average, the success rate is around 60% for women at a young age.

When you choose to get an IVF cycle through donor eggs at one of the known  Test Tube Baby Centre In Punjab no matter who is the donor, several tests are done to ensure the egg health is better in all ways like:

  • Genetic screening
  • Egg screening
  • Doing tests for different ailments


How is IVF treatment with donor eggs?

At times, when a woman chooses to get pregnant in her 40s, the chances are less than usual. The fertility level is indeed way too low as compared to expected. So, in this case, IVF treatment can help the women to get pregnant in several ways like:

  • IVF treatment
  • IVF with donor eggs
  • IVF with genetic testing


Is there any age limit to undergo IVF?

Most IVF clinics have an upper age limit to better plan for IVF therapy while using donor eggs. Studies have shown that donor eggs can be utilized until women are 49 years old.


How is IVF treatment planned with donor eggs?

Choosing the donor

Donor selection includes strict medical standards. There is a need to get several evaluations to understand the ailment better correctly and see how it affects the person’s overall well-being.


Undergoing donor therapy

The donor needs to get the therapy at least for 14 days to help the ovaries get stimulated. The hormonal shots are given, and then the condition is effectively checked through ultrasound scans and blood tests. The egg retrieval is done through the use of anesthesia.


Doing embryo transfer

While the embryo selection is done it’s made sure the best one is selected to ensure the embryo chosen is in the best state.


Schedule your initial consultation

If you wish to plan your pregnancy journey through IVF with a donor egg, schedule your initial consultation at Gomti Thapar Hospital to prepare everything the right way.

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