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How has Missed Call Solution helped organisations empower their marketing campaigns

by sharmaniti437
Missed Call Solution

Indians faced a unique problem: affordable handsets but pocket-pinching talk rates that led to missed call marketing campaigns. People used missed calls to communicate with each other. There was a time when “making a missed call” was acceptable to convey pre-agreed things – I’m home, you can pick me up now, I’m going to sleep, it’s time to wake up. The sophistication of missed calls beats morse code hands down at its height. If the other person knows the code, two rings are for yes, one ring is for no, and three rings are for anything else you’d like.

Even though missed calls are simple, they are also beneficial for both the caller and the receiver. It can be extremely valuable if you’re a business. Here are some benefits of missed call marketing.

Your customer base can be built, grown, and regularly engaged by missed call marketing. Additionally, they are a cheaper and hassle-free alternative to traditional phone calls and IVRs. Here are some ways they can benefit your business.

  1. Generating leads at the top of your funnel

Marketers place a high priority on lead generation. A missed call marketing campaign is great for generating inbound leads because the customer pays nothing for it. You can, for example, post online ads or billboards inviting prospects to give you a missed call if they are interested. Then you can call them back or send SMS campaigns to convert them into customers.

  1. Qualifying leads for one-to-one conversations

With missed call campaigns, instead of calling every number in your database with your offers, you can build a list of prospects who are interested. If you do this, you can only call prospects who are interested and ready to buy from you.

  1. Improving customer retention

Your customers shouldn’t be charged to call you. You should be able to provide them with support without much hassle. If they miss a call, you should be able to provide them with support. It provides a convenient and free way to connect with you. In addition, it allows you to provide a stellar customer experience.

  1. Improving operational efficiency

There is no need for any agents to man missed call numbers – they are completely automated. In addition, automated SMSes can be sent in response to missed calls, requiring agents to intervene at the very last minute.

  1. Optimising customer service

With missed calls, you can address a wide range of customer needs. If they want to know their account balance or application status, they can call or SMS you, and you can provide them with an update without having to speak to an agent.

  1. Democratising access

Smartphones and internet connections are not available to everyone. Customers and prospects still prefer to communicate via phone calls. Missed calls make it possible for users with feature phones to get information without spending money.

Here are five ways a business can use the missed call solution. 

The businesses get the leads’ details in real-time with the help of missed call marketing. Using the solution, callers with a higher probability of becoming customers will be acquired -high quality leads. People are giving missed calls more and more often since they know they don’t have to pay anything to contact the company.

It is the company’s responsibility to follow up with the customer by calling back after placing the initial call. Additionally, the missed call solution will be ideally suited for areas with low or no internet connectivity. By placing a missed call, prospective customers can express their interest in the products and services. They can then be contacted again, their questions answered, and their business converted.

Reaching out to prospective customers effectively is one way the missed call solution in India helps businesses expand their markets. During promotional periods, the contact number can be provided. In the event that people are even slightly interested in the advertised products and services, they can simply call the number and receive a call from a representative of the company. This is an easy way to encourage customers to buy.

Using the solution, companies can launch outbound calling campaigns to reach their customers with targeted messages. Combining the software with an outbound calling solution will help them engage customers better and increase customer acquisition rates. Ultimately, businesses can improve their sales processes and increase sales. In addition, outbound calling campaigns can be run in rural and regional areas where the literacy rate might be lower, or people may not be familiar with the internet.

By calling prospective customers in such a location, companies can gain their attention and connect with them. If interested in the company’s product or service, customers must leave a missed call, which gets disconnected automatically after a ring. Improve customer interactivity:




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