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How do you get the silent diesel generator?

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Silent Diesel Generator for sale

What are the key factors to consider when deciding on a silent diesel generator?

We’ve often seen ourselves in sectors and locations where we needed to install a continuous or prime power generator set, but it was critical that the generator set did not emit lots of noise or was even a soundproofed machine due to the conditions of the location or the activities carried out.

For example, these kinds of silent diesel generators are very common in the mining industry, since mineworkers cannot spend their entire working day exposed to continuous loud noises; in the long run, they may have major health problems.

They are also quite common machines in hospitals and medical centers; patients usually require care, silence, and calm to recover, and, in these cases, it is not viable to install a generator set that is not silent.

On the other hand, in small buildings that use a lot of energy or that have problems connecting to the conventional power grid for any reason, silent Industrial diesel generators may be required to keep the neighbor’ daily lives from being disturbed.

However, it’s also vital to note that soundproof isn’t restricted to interior generator sets. For several reasons, all generator sets built to be installed outdoors are legally required to be soundproofed. They must be covered to protect it from the rain and to avoid short circuits due to water contact, and makers must comply with environmental noise legislation.

As specialists in the sale of high-powered generator sets, Power Generation Enterprises offers lines of silent machines from all of the leading brands now currently on the market.

We will advise and guide you until you find the most silent diesel generator that fits your company’s or installation’s energy needs.

Here are five tips for making your diesel generator very quiet:

  • Distance

Increase the distance between yourself and the area where the diesel generator is installed to reduce noise from the generator. The energy is spread over a greater distance when the generator is moved further away, resulting in a decrease in sound intensity. Noise can be reduced by 6dB when the distance is halved, according to the usual rule. If you buy a used diesel generator for sale, however, ask the former owner about the efforts they did to reduce noise, since this can help you make wiser decisions.

  • Acoustic Barriers – Walls, Enclosures Fencing

By reflecting sound waves, solid surfaces decrease noise transmission.

When a generator is installed in an industrial unit, the concrete walls act as acoustic barriers, restricting sound emanation beyond that area. When the generator is inside typical generator canopies and enclosures, noise reduction of up to 10dB is obtained. When generators are placed in custom-built enclosures, there is a greater reduction in noise.

If enclosures aren’t enough, use acoustic fencing to create additional barriers. Interim acoustic fencing is a cost-effective and quick solution for construction projects, utility networks, and outdoor concerts. For larger installations, permanent and custom-built acoustic screens will be beneficial.

  • Acoustic Insulation

Sound waves are reflected by acoustic barriers that restrict noise only beyond the barrier. However, you’ll need to insulate the generator enclosure/industrial room to absorb the sound in order to reduce noise, echo, and vibration. Sound-absorbing materials are used to line hard surfaces, or acoustic wall panels and tiles are used. For industrial applications, perforated steel wall panels are the most common choice, but other materials are also available and used.

  • Anti Vibration Mounts

Another great way to reduce noise from your generator is to limit noise at the source.

Anti-vibration mounts installed beneath the generator eliminate vibrations and reduce noise transmission. Anti-vibration mounts come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Rubber mounts, spring mounts, spring mounts, and dampers are examples of such mounts. Your choice will be determined by the quantity of noise you need.

Fitting flexible joints between the generators and connecting systems, in addition to insulating vibrations at the generator base, reduces noise transmission to surrounding structures.

  • Attenuators

Attenuators are the most effective technique of reducing noise transmission for industrial generators. It is a device that allows a big amount of air to pass through while limiting noise transmission. The sound is received and the wavelength is shortened when air swirls between the splitters. It’s worth noting that an attenuation system can reduce sound levels by 50 to 90 decibels. And, as a general rule, a larger attenuator can result in major noise reduction.

When you already have a generator, the above tips for minimizing generator noise are excellent. For additional information on diesel generators, please contact us. We’ll help to find the right generator for your needs. We’ll even make sure it’s installed correctly for a quiet environment.

Used Diesel Generators Are Less Expensive

When you buy a generator new, you pay a premium price. The parts have never been used before, so you know they’ll work when you need them. There’s no reason why this can’t happen.

Depending on the page, buying a used diesel generator is less costly. You’ll pay more for one that’s only a year or two old than one that’s five years old. Used and reconditioned generators are the two types of used generators. As-is is a frequently used generator. It may have been cleaned, and not much work has been done on it.

A reconditioned generator is examined, and any needs will be met by experts. You won’t have to worry about anything breaking down for a long time because it was all fixed before you purchased it. Because they’ve been worked on, they’re more expensive.

Buying used is Still ok if you’re not worried about the generator breaking down. This is suitable for more recent models. If you get an older model, make sure it’s reconditioned so you don’t have to worry about it breaking down when you need it the most.


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