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How Do I Sell a Used Power Generator?

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Used Power Generator

You may well not know where to start if you have a used natural gas or diesel generator that you want to sell. You’ll want to know how to sell a used generator so that the transaction runs smoothly.

When you work with Power Generation Enterprises, selling your old power generation equipment may be a simple and rapid process.

When selling a used commercial or industrial generator, the equipment must be properly assessed. Prepare the equipment’s details and make a note of its condition to begin the process. Then you can consider a price based on your collaborations with an expert buyer.

Prepare Details of the Used Equipment

You’ll want to give potential buyers detailed information about your used power equipment. Make a note of the generator’s manufacturer, year, make, and model. Prepare to shoot the outside of the unit, the ID tags, and a close-up of the engine.

Know the Condition It’s In

The condition of the generator will influence where it will be used and how much you will be paid for it. Take note of if the used diesel generator is in like-new condition, has minor issues, or is completely damaged. You can still trade in a piece of equipment that isn’t totally functional.

Take it to the Experts

It’s best to sell your generator to a professional that knows what they’re doing. Based on the generator set, some places may pay top dollar. Working with a reputable provider of power generation equipment guarantees a smooth sales process.

Selling Your Used Power Generation Equipment

You’ll want to stress working with professionals whether you’re selling a used generator because it doesn’t work correctly or because your industry needs something else for its applications. The same staff that helped you buy your equipment can also help you find a new generator that is better suited to your power generation needs.

What makes portable generators such an awesome choice?

To keep your lights on, any type of generator will do. A portable diesel generator, on the other hand, has several significant advantages over its gasoline-powered equivalents. Here are a few of the benefits of using a diesel generator.

  •     Save money
  •     Less required maintenance
  •     Longer runtime
  •     Safer option
  •     Quieter motors
  •     Turn a profit
  •     Efficiency


  • Make Power – Less engine

Generators powered by diesels may provide far more power than natural gas engines of similar size. Because diesel has a higher energy value than natural gas, it may create more power with a smaller engine than natural gas. When comparing a natural gas generator to a diesel engine, the diesel tends to produce twice as much as the natural gas engine.

  • Less Required maintenance

The motors in diesel-powered generators are different from others in other types of generators. Diesel models, in instance, lacked spark plugs and carburetors. This design choice simplifies and increases the efficiency of the engine, requiring only regular maintenance and refilling to keep the generator running. A diesel generator truly is a “set it and forget it” solution!

  • Longer Runtime

Diesel generators are designed to deliver large amounts of power for an extended period. The motors can run for much longer than a standard gasoline engine due to their efficient engine design and low fuel usage. This is just one of the many reasons why a portable generator is an excellent choice for ensuring constant power even if the local power grid has gone. It won’t be long till you’re out of the dark!

  • Safer Option

As previously stated, gasoline-powered generators require frequent refilling to be operational. Gasoline is dangerously flammable, and the fueling process exposes you to it on a frequent basis. Repeated refuelings increase the chances of an accident and a potentially deadly scenario. A diesel engine, on the other hand, requires less refuelling and burns fuel that is significantly less combustible than gasoline. Selecting a diesel engine reduces the chances of something catastrophic occurring.

  • Quieter Motors

Older diesel engines, as well as newer gasoline engines, produce far less noise than modern diesel engines. Diesel motors require less power and so operate much quieter than their competitors due to their higher efficiency. Don’t let the constant generator noise bother your family or customers! Give yourself some peace using a quieter model.

  • Turn a Profit

Your portable diesel generator can be sold for a profit. Perform a brief inspection to verify if the generator is in proper working order once you no longer require it or just wish to change to a better one. Everyone else will pay reasonable prices for good-condition old generators, especially diesel generators, due to their long lifespan.

  • Efficiency 

Finally, diesel generators, as already said, are amazingly effective engines. Their simpler engines are simple to maintain and can survive even cold conditions, allowing you to keep your lights on all year. You’ll save gas money and see less wear and tear on your motor since it won’t have to work as hard.

What Size Portable Generator Do I Need?

Portable generators available in a multitude of sizes, and choosing which one is ideal for your needs can be hard. If you’re buying a portable generator to be prepared for power outages or other emergencies, you’ll likely need a different size generator than if you’re only going to use it for power tools.

The most essential step is to decide what you’ll do with your portable generator. Because generators are measured in watts, it’s a good idea to seek the assistance of a generator salesperson if you’re not familiar with the concept. They’ll ask you what you want to power with your generator and estimate the amount of electricity you’ll require. They’ll next recommend the best portable diesel generator for your needs.

If you want to do your research ahead of time, you may use Cat’s portable generator sizing calculator to figure out how much wattage you’ll need. The free calculator asks you to list all of the appliances and accessories that will be powered by the generator, and then suggests the generator size that is most suitable.

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