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How Do Employers Check Employment History in India?

by komal_singh

Every business wants to hire the best candidate as they are the backbone of the company that is responsible for the growth & development of it. No company wants a bad hire that may destroy the productivity of the business and put it in a potential threat. In fact, the impact of pandemic has resulted in the rise of resume fraud during the interview. 

So, for that reason nowadays most companies have started focusing on their hiring process. And to make it easy employers in India rely on employee background verification companies that ensure in getting the right candidate for the job position.  

So, by focusing on the same point, today this article is going to share how employers check for the employment history in India so as to get the best. 

What is Employee Background Verification?

It is a pre-employment screening process that verifies the background of the employee with the information provided by it during the interview. It is vital that the companies conduct the verification of the employment on at least 1 or 2 checks to ensure the right candidate. 

Document Required for Employment Verification 

  • Identity Verification – The type of verification is a basic employee background check that verifies the address & identity of the candidate. Here the company wants to ensure if the candidate is not lying for its identity & address that is issued by the government that is mentioned on the application. 

Documents Required – 

  • Permanent address including landmark. 
  • Copy of documents such as Pan Card, Aadhar card, Voter ID, or any other document for address proof. 
  • Education Check – During the interview the hiring manager wants to verify the highest level of qualification of the candidate with that mentioned on the resume. Education verification is important for industries such as accounting, finance, marketing, and product development that are able to transfer the learning into work. Moreover, to maintain the standard of the company, an academic check is important for the business.

Documents Required –

  • Provisional/consolidated degree certificate 
  • Final year mark sheet
  • Any skill certification mentioned by the candidate
  • Previous Employment Check – This is one of the most critical aspects of the background verification process that verifies the work history of the candidate. Most of the applicants while applying for the job do resume fraud by showing fake work experience to stand out in the competition. Employment background check companies verify this by verifying the work history of the candidate in a professional way.

Required Documents – 

  • Previous company offer letter
  • Last 3 months salary slips 
  • Experience letter
  • Reference Check – The hiring manager ponders the attention on those points that are mentioned by the candidate on the job application or claimed during the interview. With reference check the employer gets an insight of the work and nature of the potential employee from the references.
  • Documents Required –
  • Contact details of 1-2 employees from the previous company.
  • Court Record Check – Well, no organization, or company wants to hire a candidate that is included in any type of criminal activity. Under this check, the verification company verifies the name from court records to know if the candidate is not involved in any type of criminal activity. 
  • Drug Test – If a person is involved in any type of substance abuse then it may be a possible threat to productivity of the business. Under this check, the background check company requires a lab test report from the applicant. Drug testing is important because a person addicted to drugs can impact the goodwill of the company and can lower the productivity of business also. Documents Required –

Lab reports from a psychiatrist or collection of samples. 

  1. Social Media – Employers want to know the exact picture of the candidate before hiring for the company. Social media handles like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook is a great way to map out the personality, activities, interests, and affiliations. 

Depending on company to company and position to position, employee background verification companies do employment checks. 

How long does Background Verification take in India?

Well, background check is not easy & simple as it sounds and can take up to 1-2 weeks. However, depending upon the type of position, and verification the hiring managers have to go through many different checks. 

For the verification of mid or higher level positions, the employment verification can be delayed also if the company wants to do a thorough investigation. 

However, many companies conduct background verification on the candidate after passing all the interview rounds. 

Is Employment Verification Legal in India?

The hiring companies in India can verify employee background history without any legal requirements except in certain cases. 

4 Things to Know About the Reality of Employee Check 

  • Companies can verify employees have ISO 27001 certification.
  • The organization could not access the candidate’s medical information, financial background, and biometric data as they are private data.
  • Social media accounts can be tracked by companies and no law is made to restrict them to look into it. 
  • Background verification is crucial for top-level hiring, and companies can turn the background inside out, legal or not. 

However, to avoid any legal obligations most of the companies prefer 3rd party employment background check companies like Repute. 

So, if you want the success of  your  company then make sure  to  get in contact with Repute that verifies the employee in a very professional manner.

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