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How Can I Complete Upsc Mains Paper in Three Hours?

by Sukriti Sharma
Ethics GS4

How do elite athletes accomplish feats such as sprinting 100 meters in under 10 seconds ? | Ethics GS4

Think about the thrilling performance of these athletes. Your 3 hour race against the clock in UPSC Mains is similar to their performance at the competition. There is a reason why this test is regarded as one of the most competitive exams in our nation.

Similar to any other competition The key to great performance is not in the activities you perform in the course of the event, but over the many days and months of training prior to it.

There are three particular mental skills you must have to be able to answer questions in a UPSC Mains manner.

1. Rapid processing of information: Anyone who wants to be a serious contender for the mains test must have been through and committed to memory massive amounts of information or data. The task is to find precise details and find the perfect combination of ideas that will form a coherent expression or solution. This capability can be enhanced by

a. Believing in the subject instead of simply remembering it.

b. Once you’ve understood the concept, make your notes using your own words instead of rewriting the text. Making notes for answers to excellent questions on Quora could be a way of exercise in revision of your answers.

C. Revise and revise. It is likely that several sessions of the identical book with delay in time improves your understanding. Therefore, instead of searching for multiple sources, stick to at most two basic materials on each topic, and then take your time reviewing.

2. Ability to communicate After having figured out the best collection of thoughts that provide the solution in a just a few seconds, you need to express them in an orderly fashion so that it has a sense of coherence. In order to do this,

a. It is a good idea to begin thinking in the language you’ll be giving on the test. Most candidates will be English. It is crucial that your everyday thoughts of reflection, reflection and reflection occur in this format. This will significantly cut down the time to formulate the idea at the core and also the time to convey it into words.

b. “PRODUCTIVE” discussions and debates with friends often help in ensuring that you don’t wander off in a way that isn’t necessary and remain focused on the subject. It is important to note that discussions should be conducted through the medium of your research.

C. Spend a few minutes listening to a knowledgeable teacher in your area (courtesy YouTube) or a charismatic persona for a couple of minutes often and pay attention to how they communicate an concept.

D. Use only high-quality material If you’re reading low-quality guides or compendiums , you will have the necessary information for the preliminary exam, however communicating the same information during mains is a problem. It might be difficult at first but, trust me when I say that you’ll be grateful over time.

3. Skills for motor control: you must the ability to write on paper the most effective idea in a clear and concise manner. This requires regular practice. Each day, you write notes and then revising them with summary or synopsis.

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Mot important to master the three skills, it is essential to take as many practice tests as you can. Like all events that are competitive your final performance will be contingent in large part on the frame of mind prior to the day of the test or event. I hope that you will be successful with your endeavor.

Best of luck.

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