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How can I avoid overconsumption of electricity and save on my energy bill?

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According to Electrical Services in Dubai Electricity bills are too high or desire to enter into an ecological logic, all the reasons are good to avoid overconsumption of electricity helps you see more clearly this phenomenon by putting your finger on the most energy-consuming objects and the behaviors to adopt to reduce your energy consumption.

Definition of electrical overconsumption

This is a situation that can happen, regardless of your Electrical Services in Dubai, so you might as well find out more about this thorny subject.

Electricity consumption of a household

To talk about overconsumption of electricity, it is first necessary to know with certainty what electricity consumption is.

This is the sum of the power consumption of each electrically powered device in a household. This concerns, for example, your dryer, your washing machine, your refrigerator, or your microwave, like so many other objects that you use on a daily basis. This sum is expressed in kilowatt-hours (kWh).

All electrical devices do not need the same amount of electricity to fulfill their mission properly. Some are very energy-intensive, even in a waking state.

Electricity overconsumption

We consider that there is a phenomenon of electrical overconsumption when the total electrical consumption of your home is higher than a “normal” level of consumption. In other words, if your electrical equipment needs more electricity to operate than usual, there is overconsumption!

How do we know that we are in a situation of electrical overconsumption?

In general, you are most often alerted to probable overconsumption of electricity. Because you receive electricity bills for amounts much high than those to which you are accustom. To check the level of your electricity consumption, follow our steps.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the average price of an electricity bill in France?
For a 6 kVA meter (the most common in French homes), the electricity bill is on average €730 per year. According to TotalEnergies, the monthly electricity bill for a person living in a studio is around €57-63; that of a household in a 60 m2 apartment (9 kVA) will be around €102-112, and that of a family of 4 in a 140 m2 apartment (9 kVA) will be on average €161-177.

Who is the cheapest supplier of electricity?

There is no one valid answer to this question. It depends on your geographical location and your energy needs: what is the power of your meter? Do you need to illuminate a large area? Are there many occupants in your accommodation? Does your heating system depend on gas or electricity? Electrical Services in Dubai set up different subscriptions that are more or less expensive than EDF’s regulated sales tariff, depending on your needs: it’s up to you to compare their offers.

Why am I paying so much for my electricity?

The most likely reasons for a high electricity bill are large living space. To be heate, a fully electric heating system, the use energy-intensive. Electrical appliances, or an electricity subscription not suited to your needs.

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