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How Automated eCommerce Customer Support Improves CX

eCommerce customer support

by davidrussel
eCommerce Customer Support

The eCommerce customer support is everything. Without customers, there would be no business. However, with good ones, it can make or break your company. It is seen that more than 51% of people stick with a brand that provides a great customer experience (CX).

The future is now for online companies. Brands are now adopting the latest tech tools  to give customers consistent support across all the channels. Artificial intelligence (AI) has modernized customer care by boosting engagement with consumers as well as providing 24/7 support round the clock. In addition, AI-powered tools help businesses save money through increased efficiency while boosting loyalty from their most important asset: customers.

With the ever-growing competition in today’s market, it is more important than ever to have a customer experience that stands out from your competitors. Here’s how the automation process helps you improve your overall CX.

5 eCommerce Customer Support Apps for Your Brand: 

The future of AI in customer service has the potential to be limitless. AI is quickly becoming one of the most popular tools in customer service. AI helps with processing large amounts of info and making decisions on its own without human intervention. It often does much more efficiently than humans could ever. So, let’s take a look at some of the apps:

  1.  Chatbots for Speed
  2.  Predict Customer Preferences
  3.  Stay Active Round the Clock
  4.  Helps Make Easy Decision
  5.  Rich User Feedback

1. Chatbots for Speed: 

Brands are using chatbots to provide customers with a better experience while holding prices steady. This is one way that AI can help companies stay competitive in today’s market. It has proven successful as many brands employ this tech daily.

Chatbots are quickly becoming the new way to get answers for consumers. They are doing so by reducing waiting times in both chat rooms as well on social media. In fact, 60% of online buyers do not like waiting longer than a minute without getting an answer.

Chatbots are an ideal solution for brands that want to deliver fast, accurate customer service without the need to hire additional staff. They can also take the burden off your agents by addressing numerous inquiries with natural-sounding interactions. You can also use outsourcing live chat support that handles your customers with perfect touchpoints at affordable rates. 

2. Predict Customer Preferences: 

It is surprising how much easier, and more personalized your online experience has become. eCommerce websites know what you want without any additional input from yourself. The answer is the machine learning model that learns about you by observing your behavior online. 

The use of machine learning in customer service helps agents find common queries and the best answers to them. This allows them to provide a more personalized level of service to each person. For instance, your consumers may have different needs based on their history with the brand. In addition, there could be other factors that cannot always be accounted for when deciding how best to handle certain situations without prior knowledge.

eCommerce customer support



3. Stay Active Round the Clock: 

Let’s face it; people are always looking for a way to get in touch with you. Whether that be during business hours or not. Keeping your customers happy and satisfied is the key so they will tell others about the amazing experience with your brand. So, your eCommerce customer support must stay active 24/7 to serve people at all times. It helps grow revenue significantly over time when done right.

The global economy is becoming increasingly connected. As a result, brands that want their business to thrive should be able to answer questions about products or services quickly. So, 24×7 customer service available at all times will help you succeed in this competitive market.

4. Helps Make Easy Decision: 

The thought of AI bots might turn some people off, but it turns out that about 79% of customers think they could help make better buying decisions than reps. In addition, customers are now found across a wide range of devices, which presents challenges in customer service. To ensure the best CX, tailor your touchpoints so that you can provide solutions for each person who walks through those doors.

In a world where customers seek quick answers, AI bots provide instant solutions. It is vital to make sure that communication between customers and the bot does not become too complex. If your bot ever goes down that path, it alerts an agent to take care of the conversation. Bots have the potential for accuracy as they can learn from previous chats and deliver accurate solutions.

eCommerce customer support

5. Rich User Feedback: 

With so many companies trying to get in on the market, it is hard for any business or product group to stand out. This is where sentiment analysis comes into play to improve eCommerce customer support. It assesses what consumers think about your brand through feedback from social media. For instance, hashtag campaigns monitor attitudes towards a specific topic. Moreover, NLP methods look at how words are interconnected within sentences rather than simply listing them all apiece to retrieve relevant data. 

The difference is in how you ask your customers for feedback, but both assess their thoughts on how they were treated. Your brand can tailor its experience accordingly so that journey can be improved upon going forward.

To Sum Up:

The future of customer service is now in the hands and eyes (and ears) of artificial intelligence. AI agents can perform various tasks, such as:

  • streamline workflows
  • save hours every day on tedious tasks like data entry
  • automate chats with customers who prefer buying products or services by asking relevant questions about their needs 

This is all without needing an agent near at hand. However, what is the right decision for your company? Should you build in-house customer service or outsource it to a provider. Both decisions have pros and cons, so make sure that whatever choice falls upon is well thought through.

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