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Hot shot trucking insurance & its cost

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hot shot insurance

For trucking business hot shot Insurance is an auto insurance policy for commercial use that specializes in the speedy transportation of cargo using trucks that are pickups. In most cases, hotshot trucking requires the delivery of items in a very short time period and, consequently, it is essential that the products arrive on time. The majority of hauling for hire companies is a high-risk, high-reward business. This insurance shields your company from liability claims brought by third parties which result in bodily injuries or physical harm caused by you, as well physical damage to your vehicle or injuries to your personal injury.

Hot Shot Truck Insurance Requirements

If you’re just beginning your journey or looking on renewing your current insurance, you must to satisfy the insurance requirements not only for states, but also your shipping agents and brokers too. The most frequently requested insurance policies are:

  • Cargo coverage covers commodities and cargo transported by For-hire Truckers. The majority of brokers require at least $100,000 of cargo insurance.
  • Although highly recommended, however, not required, you should be covered for physical damage to your trailer and truck.
  • If you’re crossing state lines, you’ll require an MC number, as well as the coverage limits necessary to complete the MCS90 (varies according to the state).
  • MCS-150 and BOC-3 forms are essential, especially in the case of just starting your business.
  • IRP (International Registration Plan) registration for your truck , and PTI (Permanent Trailer Identification) for your trailer.
  • Some states require certain states to have a Commercial Drivers License, which is also an advantage because with the CDL you’ll have a lower cost for insurance.
  • Most freight brokers require at least 1,000,000 liability insurance for your company, and policies can be tailored to meet your requirements.

As your business expands, the demands of your customers will differ. It is essential to work with insurance agents who can adapt your policy to meet those particular requirements. Contact us today and our personal advisor is able to assist you in obtaining the most suitable insurance coverage.

What exactly does Hot Shot Truck Insurance cover?

Insurance for your hot shot trucking protects your vehicle from risk:

It protects your trailer and truck against damage to your property in collisions with vehicles, which could include damages to other vehicles and stationary objects. The insurance can assist with the repair of your vehicle if it has been involved in an accident and assist in getting it back to the road as quickly as is possible. The insurance will cover medical costs resulting from injuries sustained as a result of the incident. It also covers lost earnings of an individual who is injured in a car crash. It also covers your truck or trailer in the event that it is damaged by theft, fire vandalism, vandalism or any other physical reasons that are not related to the result of an accident. It covers cargo loss or damage as a result of an insured loss such as collision, fire, theft and collision. If you’re involved in an accident and the cargo you’re carrying is damaged, you’ll be covered. It will cover the cost of replacing or repairing the vehicle or any other item that was damaged in an accident, if you were at fault in the incident. It will cover the legal obligations if the service you performed resulted in injury or property damage.

Every trucking industry is unique and therefore, each company will have their own unique set of protections to shield them from the dangers. These are a few of the most common insurances for high-risk truckers.

What is the cost of Hot Shot Truck Insurance cost?

The price of insurance for hot shot trucks is different as it depends on many variables. These variables are also contingent on the insurance company, however below are a few most common elements that determine the cost of insurance

  • The deductibles your hotshot truck could include. The more expensive the deductible, less expensive your insurance.
  • The business limits you need to meet. It is dependent on the shipper however, the greater your limit, the better as numerous shippers are delighted to know that you are able to transport a maximum of $100,000.
  • Your credit score is your personal.
  • The protection you require. The type of coverage you require is different for each company. Be sure you don’t be paying for coverage that you don’t require.
  • The type of truck you use.
  • An insurance broker and the way insurance companies calculate rates for businesses.

In the average, quotes begin at as low as $5,000 per year Pricing can vary in accordance with the above-mentioned.


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