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Here’s How You Can Eat Healthy In A Fast Food Joint!

by jonwilson


When you walk into fast food restaurants, you’re sure to be enticed by the range of alternatives available and may want to eat. But, if you don’t get too carried away and look closely at the menu selections, you’ll discover healthy food too. If you’re cautious about what you order, an occasional fast food trip may fit into a balanced diet. While restaurant menus may entice you with sights and aromas of crisply fried meats, French fries, and other Mexican food, it isn’t something you want to put in your body.

Tips for Selecting Healthier Choices

  1. Keep portion amounts to a minimum.

Choose the smallest sandwich size available at the fast-food outlet. Avoid burgers with three or more patties, which may contain over 900 calories.


Instead, choose a standard or children’s-sized cheeseburger that has around 250 calories.

Also, rather than the large helping of French fries, get the small. This change alone can save up to 200 calories.


  1. Select healthier side dishes.

Take benefit of the nutritious side dishes available at many fast-food places. Instead of French fries, go for Healthy salads and kebab Singapore. Alternatively, complement your meal with a fruit dish or a fruit and yogurt choice. Apple or orange slices, sweet corn, steaming rice, baked potato chips, or a broth-based soup is other nutritious options.

  1. Choose grilled foods.

Fried and breaded meals are heavy in fat and calories, such as crunchy chicken burgers and breaded fish fillets. Choose dishes that can be grilled or roasted, such as chicken wing or lean prime rib.


  1. Consider going green.

Salad with veggies and grilled chicken or prawns is a good option. Choose a dressing that you enjoy, but be conservative with the quantity. To limit the number of calories from extra fat and other undesirable elements such as salt and sugar, use Chicken Roll Singapore or leave the salad on the side.

High-calorie meals, such as those that include deep-fried casings or those topped with fried chicken or even other fried toppings, should be avoided. Also, avoid adding cheese and crackers, which quickly add calories.


  1. Replace the drink with water.

A sweet or caffeine-filled beverage adds to the extra calories and other negative consequences. So say goodbye to chemically flavored milkshakes, cold coffee, and other drinks, and instead, stick to water. You may also see if there are fruit-based milkshakes with no additional sugar or nutritious juice choices.


It’s not enough to order a cheeseburger and sandwiches with grilled filling and plenty of vegetables. Also, select the proper bread – multigrain, whole wheat, or other whole grain Pita Pocket Singapore is best. Remember, even at fast-food establishments. You don’t have to settle for what comes with your sandwiches or meal.

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