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Hardik Patel’s resignation

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Hardik Patel's resignation

Hardik Patel’s resignation

Hardik Patel’s resignation: Youth Congress public president Srinivas BV posted an enigmatic tweet after Hardik Patel’s acquiescence, while Congress MP Shaktisinh Gohil said these are not Hardik Patel’s words.

Hardik Patel's resignation

The Congress on Wednesday blamed Hardik Patel for singing BJP’s tune as the Patidat pioneer left the Grand Old Party composing a scathing letter addressed to party president Sonia Gandhi. Congress MP Shaktisinh Gohil said these are not the charges of somebody who has stopped the Congress, yet of the BJP. Youth Congress public president Srinivas BV posted a message of Rahul Gandhi with a mysterious message saying the people who are frightened, ‘hardik’ appreciation to them. “The individuals who stand by truth stand with philosophy,” the tweet read.

Hardik Patel’s resignation

“Assuming you discuss (party’s) administration, you were imparting a phase to Rahul Gandhi a couple of days back. Who prevented you from meeting him? We have inward majority rule government. There is a dainty line between inside vote based system and indiscipline. BJP doesn’t have inside vote based system,” the party’s Rajya Sabha MP said.

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In his letter, Hardik Patel said the Congress couldn’t have cared less about the nation and Gujarat. The party had offended Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. He and his local area confronted derision and hatred and he feels ‘miserable and nauseated’ simultaneously.

Hardik Patel’s

“Throughout recent years I have found that the Congress party and its authority both at focal and state level have been simply decreased to restricting everything, while individuals generally look for an elective that thinks about their future and is fit for taking India ahead,” Hardik Patel said.

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The Patidar pioneer said the absence of reality regarding all issues, by and large, is a significant issue with the Congress’ senior initiative. “Whenever I met with the senior authority, I alsways felt that pioneers were not exactly keen on finding out about issues concerning individuals of


Gujarat byt were more charmed on what messages they had gotten on their portable and other such inconsequential things,” he said adding that Congress chiefs are for the most part abroad when the party, the nation needs them.

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“…big heads of Congress in Gujarat are far away from issues of Gujarat yet are more focussed on guaranteeing that chicken sandwich for pioneers who have come from Delhi is followed through on time,” Hardik Patel composed.

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