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Hacks While Buying Elastic-Waist Pants For Boys In 2022

by baileyboys
Elastic Waist Pants For Boys

Boys love comfortable and easy-to-wear clothes so that they can focus on the important business of play. Parents want clothes that can withstand the violent play of childhood without falling apart. The two often meet in the middle of elastic waist pants for boys.

Trousers with a stretchy waistband that are easy to pull and comfortable to wear are the basis of many boys’ wardrobes. But how do you pick when you buy them? With more styles and designs than ever before, it can be difficult to find one that is durable and looks great. 

We’ve put together a quick purchase guide to provide you with the facts you need to make informed decisions. 

But before digging into the purchase guide, it is important to know what elastic pants are? 

Elastic Waist Pants 

Elastic waist pants for boys or drawstring pants are pants that allow you to easily pull on the waist and secure it with an elastic drawstring. The advantage of using rubber for pants is that it is very easy to put on and take off (commonly used in both children’s and casual wear). An elastic band stretches around your waist to firmly secure around your waist. If the elastic is too compact, it can hurt at first. The drawstring is a cord that runs inside the waistband and has two loose ends at the front. These loose ends can be tied to a knot and secured in place. The waist size of these pants is easy to control. You can keep it loose or tight, depending on the comfort you want.

Now that we have glanced at what elastic pants are, it’s time to jump to the next section of the post. There are some contemplations that should be taken care of while buying elastic waist pants for boys. To know those considerations, read along. 


There are certain deliberations that shall be taken care of while buying elastic pants for boys. Follow the hacks given below to assist yourself and dress up your toddler with ease. 

Size Of Your Child

Some children are tall or strong, depending on their age. This can have considerable repercussions on the fit of your garment. It also affects the type of pants that suits them. Consider whether the pants you need are husky-sized. This gives you more room for your seat and legs, but it doesn’t increase the length. Slim sizes are usually not found in pants with elastic waistbands, but some sweatpants may have a slim option.

Age of Your Child

Age affects children more than pants size. It also affects the style he may find attractive. Older boys may prefer sweatpants with ankle cuffs, while younger boys may be happy with the wide leg design. Prints and cuts that make your child look younger, older, taller, or smaller should be considered to ensure they are suitable for your child’s age.


Elastic pants worn in winter need to be heavier or at least lined. In the summer, seashells may be everything your boy needs to keep him comfortable.

These are a few things that you keep in mind while buying. Along with this, there are different types of pants from which you can choose. The best suitable type depends on the factors mentioned above. But, look at these types so that you can make the best choice for your munchkins. 

Types of pants with elastic waist 

You can find almost all types of pants with elastic waistbands, including jeans. However, some of the common types you are likely to find are: 

Cargo Pants 

Wide legs with pockets on the legs of each pant are characteristic of cargo pants. They have a relaxed fit but are offered in fabrics suitable for regular daywear and chic events. 

Fleece Pants 

Fleece is warm and more water repellent than cotton. 


A slim fit and cuffed ankles give these pants a streamlined look. They are a slim version of sweatpants. 


These are the pants you may have remembered since childhood. Sweat pants are made of cotton, while active pants can be made of nylon or polyester.

Other than your child’s size and types of pants, there is one more factor that’ll help you decide the right fit for your child: the fabric and cut of the pants. Let’s look at these factors part by part. 

Fabric Of Elastic Pants 

The durability of pants is directly proportional to the kind of material used. Cotton is one of the best fabrics on the market. It’s natural, durable, and comfortable. Make sure your clothes have been cleaned in advance. If this is not the case, the first wash can cause significant shrinkage. 

Cotton blends, jersey, nylon, and polyester are also common fabrics for boys’ elastic waist pants. Additionally, cotton is the most breathable fabric but soaks up water. Polyester and nylon fight off water better if you live in a wet climate. 

Cut Of The Pants 

The cut determines how the pants look and fit. For instance, cargo pants have a loose fit with a wide leg, while jogger pant has a slim cut that fits the body. Finding the right pants means taking into account your child’s tastes. You are looking for something that combines quality and comfort.


This was all for the purchase guide for elastic waist pants for boys. Follow the hacks mentioned above to make the dressing-up activity fun and avoid turning into a mess. Moreover, these hacks will further assist you in experimenting with different styles and fabrics. 

However, the real question is from where can we buy these pants? It is essential to choose fine-quality products for your child. Because we adults may tolerate the tickles that some fabrics create against our bodies, toddlers or boys won’t tolerate that. So, to avoid your child from getting uncomfortable, you can visit the online store of Bailey Boys. Bailey Boys is the brand that designs and manufactures the best clothes for the child of every age, from newborns to toddlers playing in the park. Therefore, check out our favourite boy’s elastic waist pants and find a good place to start.

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