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Gua sha is a traditional Chinese therapeutic procedure in which a trained practitioner strokes your skin while pressing on it with a smooth-edged implement. Petechiae are little, red, rash-like dots that appear under your skin as a result of this action.

Gua sha is used to alleviate chronic pain throughout the body. Herbal medicine, massage, acupuncture, and heat therapy are frequently used in conjunction with this treatment.

What Takes Place

Your technician will apply oil to your body to prepare you for treatment. They’ll then scrape your skin with the stone-like gua sha massage tool in long, downward strokes. You’ll see spots of petechiae on your skin at this time.

The majority of people have gua sha on their:

  • Back
  • Neck
  • Butt
  • Arms
  • Legs

They’ll use the tool on your skin lightly at first. Increase the pressure on the strokes gradually. They’ll only apply pressure to you to the extent that you’re comfortable with.

You may also get gua sha on your face, but it would be a softer procedure.

Potential Advantages

A few studies have looked into whether it can help with certain conditions, such as:

Hepatitis B

is a kind of hepatitis that affects the According to one study, it may help reduce the quantity of hepatitis B virus-induced liver inflammation. However, additional research is required before we can be certain. This procedure is thought to improve blood flow and provide your skin a “lifting” sensation, which some feel might help reduce toxins in your body and encourage recovery.


According to one study, gua sha proved to help relieve migraine symptoms when used as part of a 14-day inpatient treatment. However, experts believe that further study and clinical studies are needed to establish this.

Tourette’s syndrome is a neurological disorder. Tics, or abrupt twitches, are caused by this disorder, which affects your neurological system. A guy with Tourette’s syndrome received acupuncture, herbs, lifestyle adjustments, and gua sha once a week for 35 weeks in one research. He saw a 70% improvement in his problems. However, further data is needed to confirm the linkages.

Neck ache.

In one clinical study, 48 persons with chronic neck discomfort were divided into two groups. People who received gua sha treatment saw significant pain relief for a brief time after a week. The long-term benefits of gua sha on neck discomfort are unknown to experts.

Symptoms of menopause. Women approaching menopause may experience irregular periods, hot flashes, sleep problems, and mood swings. Women who used gua sha once a week for eight weeks found their symptoms improve in one research. It’s still a mystery to scientists as to how it works.

Breast enlargement. Breastfeeding might cause your breasts to overfill with milk. They may enlarge and become painful as a result of this. Women who were having difficulty nursing due to breast fullness received gua sha treatment while in the hospital and for a few weeks after they returned home in one research. Those women’s agony subsided, and they were able to nurse more readily as a result.

Risks to Consider

Gua sha is generally thought to be safe. However, you may get bruising or skin discoloration. It’s possible that you’ll be sore and tender for a short time after your treatment.

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