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Gold Investment Plans: What Is It, Benefits?

by shivam0998
Gold Investment Plans
Gold Investment Plans opportunities in India are immense in nature. Technology is now moving towards digitalization. Now everything is moving towards operation run by computerized systems. The ongoing trend is now that investments. Are now moving towards the process of digitalization of every platform. And even GOLD is no exception. Nowadays, with digitalization, people expect everything at their fingertips. Bullion vendors like e-Swarna. now enable people to invest in different gold options that are now made available to them.
In this article, we provide you with the best possible plan for Gold Investments. And their details to help you understand. How you can invest safe and secure in Gold Investment Plans.

How does Digital Gold Work?


The first type of investment that we are going to discuss here is Digital Gold.

Digital Gold investments are like owning physical gold. The benefits of Digital Gold are the same as that of owning Physical gold. The only difference is that you don’t have to bear any risks of owing physical gold by yourself. Not only this you also have the worry of storing and safeguarding physical gold. Here is a brief description of how digital gold works. When you purchase digital gold, Bullion vendors purchase gold on your behalf. This has the same value as your investment and then it is stored in safe and secure vaults that have high security and is extremely safe.
Digital Gold helps you not only purchase gold in a safe and secure manner but also avoid the risks associated with purchasing physical gold. More importantly, you also have the option to buy back and sell your digital gold portfolio. Doing this can help you gain handsome returns on your gold investments. You harness the power of compounding. You leverage the possibilities of gaining valuable returns for your gold investments. In the backend, Bullion Gold vendors like ESwarna purchase physical gold on your behalf, storing it in secure vaults. You get the flexibility to view all your potential gold investments with just a click of a button. The major benefit you get when you invest in Digital Gold means you have the flexibility to invest any amount. There is no limit to how much you can invest in digital gold.

How does SIP in Gold work?

The other investment option that I want to talk about here is SIP in Gold or Systematic Investment Plan in Gold. The problem with investing in Physical Gold is that you need to have a lumpsum amount ready in your bank account for your investment. This means you need to have capital. And therefore, even a minimum investment amount for investment in Physical gold of 10 grams now requires you to have an amount of about 50000. Compare this with SIP in gold, You dedicate a fixed amount to invest into gold assets that seems comfortable and doable to you. You also have the flexibility to select a minimum amount of either any amount or a minimum of Rs 500 to invest in SIP in gold.

Benefits of Gold Investments


The visible benefit of Gold investments either through Digital Gold or SIP in gold is that. You get the much-needed flexibility to cash in on your investments whenever you want.  The must-needed liquidity to enjoy and leverage for your own personal purpose. You can invest any amount you’re comfortable with. Here is a secret tip, always make sure to hold your investments for a long period of time. What I mean by this is, that you should least hold your gold investments for at least a period of 5 years or more.
You can avail of buyback for your gold investments. And this means you can convert your investments to physical gold whenever you feel the need.
Gold Investment Plans is considered one of the safest investment options you can consider. Indian families on special occasions like Dhanteras and Diwali always ensure to purchase gold for your near and dear ones. Leverage this opportunity to earn handsome returns that guarantee you a return. You can earn a valuable amount at the end of your investment holding tenure.
People always holding long-term investments have proven to earn higher returns. This is for their investment whenever they cash out after 5 years or more. This is the secret no one tells you.

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