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Glass Display Cabinets That Make A Difference

by Glass Cabinets Direct

Glass display cabinets play a very important and amazing role both in our personal life and our professional life. The sleek and transparent glass of the display cabinet, gives an amazing visual exposure to the items displayed inside the cabinet. Glass cabinets make the items look aesthetic. As per the research visual exposure plays a major role that tempts the customers to buy the retail items from the store. Display cabinets with LED lights increase the chances of selling. Glass display cabinets featuring LED lights help you in gaining more profit.

Glass Cabinets Direct is an online store in the UK, it provides you with different types of display cabinets, for instance, till counters, glass cabinets, cube display cabinets, corner cabinets, gondola shelves and so on.

Have A Look at Some of The Best Display Cabinets for Your Retail Store:

  • Cube Cabinets: A cube cabinet is strong, sturdy and robust. It is suitable for displaying luxurious items such as jewellery, mobile phones and watches. It contains 5mm tempered glass and features lockable doors. Due to its small size, you can place it anywhere in the shop and promote your items.
  • Corner Cabinets: Corner cabinets feature tempered glass and are made up of sturdy aluminium frames. Apart from that, it consists of lockable doors to keep your items safe and features LED strip lights at the top and bottom of the cabinets. In some cabinets, a lockable storage unit is present at the bottom. It also comes with adjustable wheels which is convenient to move it from one place to another place in the retail store. It makes the shop look spacious. Kitchen items, gift items and memoirs can be kept in these cabinets.
  • Glass Display Cabinets: it is a display cabinet that comes with halogen lights, lockable doors, adjustable shelves and adjustable wheels. These glass cabinets are ideal for displaying awards, showpieces, certificates, perfumes, Bluetooth speakers, mobile devices and so on.
  • Glass Display Gondola: It contains shelves on all its four sides. A lot of items can be displayed at a time in this cabinet. It is a strong and robust cabinet that has open shelves, it means customers can touch and feel the items before buying them. It consists of high-quality glass which further makes the items look unique and aesthetic. You will mainly find this cabinet in medicine stores, pet stores, grocery stores and so on.
  • Till Counter: Till counters are also known as countertops. They are found just above the cabinet. It is the best cabinet for your office space. It is suitable for file storage, EPOS computer and cash register.

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