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Get To Some Interesting Facts about Vegan Diet

by Vegan Affair
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Veganism has become an immensely popular lifestyle change among people for a different set of reasons. Some like to stay on the healthy path of consuming plant-based chicken online, meat, and other products. On the other side, some individuals want to prevent animal cruelty and safeguard the environment.

While everyone has their reason to adopt a healthy eating lifestyle of vegan, it is interesting to know some unknown facts related to the vegan diet.

In this blog, we let you know how many people have adopted the plant-based eating lifestyle, common reasons to turn vegan, and interesting facts.

Let’s get started on the same. 

Stats Regarding Veganism
As per the study, more than 850,000 people adopted the vegan diet in 2018. The number is increasing every year at a rapid rate of 22%. It has been concluded that in the coming time, there will be one out of five individuals turn vegan and rely on plant-based food offerings.

It is further estimated that there was a whopping 113% increase in the consumption of vegan products between 2016 to 2021. People are much inclined toward buying veggies, vegan chocolates, fortified milk, and plant-based meat in India online.

Different Reasons Why People Switch to Plant-Based Diet Pattern
As already mentioned, every person has a particular reason to adopt a healthy eating lifestyle of being a vegan. Here are a few common reasons to look after.

  1. Safeguard the Environment

The first and foremost reason several individuals rapidly adopt the vegan eating pattern is to save the environment. It is because the extensive range of livestock farming is slowly destroying the forests, crops, and herbs.

Raising animals for food rely heavily on the ecosystem and further increase in greenhouse gas effect. As a result, the ecosystem is getting polluted and slowly devoid of essential trees and ingredients.

  1. Stay Nutritious

Many individuals look forward to consuming healthy and 100% nutritious food sources that must be derived naturally from mother nature. Concerning the same, people rely on crops, fruits, veggies, seeds, nuts, and other ingredients to stay on a healthy spree.

  1. Protect Animal Species

Another imperative reason people switch to a vegan diet is to safeguard the endangered and other animal species. People do not want to harm animals to get food and prevent exploiting them for dairy products.

6 Interesting Facts About Vegan Diet 

  1. By switching to a plant-based diet, contribute much towards meeting the world’s hunger issue with ease. It is because of relying on naturally grown food ingredients that you can further grow again and again. In the case of turning vegan, you could save 30 animals a day.
  2. As per the research by the Mayo Clinic, it has been observed that vegan people tend to live longer than those who rely on animal-based food sources. To be very precise, plant-based eating individuals have four years more life span than others.
  3. It is a common myth that vegan people are weak and experience low energy. On the contrary, vegan individuals are much healthy and prevent facing heart-related diseases.
  4. Vegans are hardly affected by Type 2 diabetes. It is because of plant-based food eating people rely more on fresh fruits and vegetables to stay healthy.
  5. In a highly populated country like India, vegan groups can help a lot in saving around 45 pounds of grains every day. Again, it will help meet the country’s hunger problem with ease.
  6. Vegan helps in reducing the carbon footprint on the environment. It is due to increase reliability over veggies and fruits that do not provide any harmful gaseous effect.

Concluding Thoughts
Support and follow the healthy vegan lifestyle by knowing some interesting facts. Also, buy several plant-based products online to meet your dietary pattern with ease.

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