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Gas fire pits Australia – Using A Fire Pit For The First Time? Some Basic Safety Norms To Know

by Parker R. Brody

Using A Fire Pit For The First Time? Some Basic Safety Norms To Know

Summer is around, and it’s time to chill and have fun. Have you planned anything yet? Planning a vacation, having parties, relaxing on the beach — what all are in your thoughts? Have you thought of sitting by the bonfire and enjoying all the warmth? After freezing winter nights, you can make your backyard a little more special for you by having a fireplace there. Yes, you read it right! You can light up your lawn by assigning a space for a fire pit! But before you indulge in fun, ensure that you know some basics of handling fire pits.

Ø  Basics on using a fire pit

The concept of firepit is trending in many countries. Traditional houses had in-built fire pits in them. What if you don’t have one at your place? Today, home shops and several online stores have readily available fire pits that you just need to buy and install. A plus point in installing these is that they can be moved to any location. So, are you ready to cook, have barbeques, and party around it? Flaunt it to your guests and create a chilling vibe this season. Ensure that you know a few things in advance while using a firepit:

o   Building a fire– It is generally best to start slow and steady. Remember, the fire needs to be well-controlled. You can light up the fire with natural materials rather than relying on chemical products. The natural ones start a little slow, and it is easy to take control of it. Another way of fire building is by installing a fire pit that operates on gas. It is a good way to manage fire as the control is in your hand. For everyone’s safety, start small and go slow!

o   Positioning the outdoor fire pit– Is it acceptable to place a firepit anywhere? Absolutely not! You will need to consider a few factors while setting it. Most importantly, keep it at a safe distance from your house, flammable materials, and outdoor furniture. It takes only a second for a disaster to strike! So ensure anything that is a catalyst to fire is at least ten feet away. Place the pit on a steady surface and check the airflow as it is crucial to avoid hazards. Never place it in an enclosed area as fumes can be harmful without proper ventilation.

o   Natural Gas Fires- Fire Pits involving the use of gases require less attention than natural ones. They are convenient and easy to light. Do you want to go with hassle-free options? These types of fire pits are just perfect then. If you are new to this and plan to experiment or purchase a fire pit, consider gas fire pits In Australia, Unique fire pits sell excellent fire pits that you can buy from their online store. You can check the description if you have specifications, as they have many varieties and accessories. From cast iron fire pits to steel ones, they have it all. Why go for stressful options when you have an easy option available! A necessary precaution is to check all the hoses, valves, and attachments so that there is no leak.

Personal protection is the most crucial step to any fire activity you do. Be sure to protect yourself! Never handle fire pits without essential gloves. Do you have kids at home? Be extra cautious to keep them away. Allow it cool before cleaning it so that you don’t burn yourself. Ensure that you have all necessary accessories before you begin lighting the fire pit. And if you are using a gas one, close all the knobs tightly to avoid leakage. If you are using wood or coal to light up the fire, make sure that every single piece is cooled, as even a bit of spark can lead to big fires. And lastly, keep a fire extinguisher nearby!

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