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With a wide range of competitors and business models, The Indian pharmacy industry offers huge potential. Many entrepreneurs are investing business funds into the pharmaceutical industry because the demand for pharmaceuticals is growing. In the realm of E-Commerce, there are numerous companies that have made the leap into the field of pharmaceuticals with minimal capital investment, these businesses have earned the trust of millions. For licensing prerequisites, isn’t an easy task to join a pharmaceutical business. The pharmaceutical industry requires obtaining the appropriate permits through the federal government. One of these licensing requirements is the FSSAI License to Medical Store. In this article, you’ll learn what is the FSSAI License for Medical Store.

What exactly is a medical Store?

Medical stores or pharmacies are an essential component of the healthcare infrastructure in a country. There is a broad range of medicines available in medical supply stores that relieve and treat the symptoms of illnesses.

Medical shops operating in India are required to be registered with the Drugs and Controllers retailer to be allowed to function.


Apart from that addition, the FSSAI Registration demands that medical companies comply with a number of rules.

Drugs sold without a prescription or expired or offered without a prescription could cause harm to the patient.

It is possible for it to cause death as well. In order to be in compliance in accordance with Food Safety Act, all medical companies must adhere to certain guidelines and be registered with FSSAI.

Important to have FSSAI’s License for Medical Stores

An FSSAI License is essential for medical shops due to many reasons. For instance,

It is the duty that lies with it to the Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to supervise the FSSAI.

Regulations regarding food safety can be found in the FSSAI. Every business dealing with food products must follow the FSSAI regulations.

In accordance with FSSAI guidelines, All food establishments have to be registered with the FSSAI in order to be able to function. As a food business could encompass anything from food production, and distribution to retail.

In the case of the sale of pharmaceutical products, medical companies must comply with FSSAI guidelines. Consuming expired medicines could result in the patient’s death.

An FSSAI registration online guarantees that medical businesses are adhering to all safety standards applicable. The licenses granted through the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India are well-known.

It is illegal to sell medicines without having their registration. Owners of companies could face jail and fines for operating a business that does not have an FSSAI registration.

To keep pharmacy safety standards A FSSAI registration or license is required for the pharmacy’s name.

What are the advantages of an FSSAI License for a Medical Store?

  • Your business must comply with the laws to run smoothly. Every pharmacy must have FSSAI registration for their business.

  • You can apply for FSSAI registration on the internet.

  • Fssai registration or license is required for selling medicines on online stores such as Flipkart, Amazon, Jabong, and others.

  • If a business is licensed by an FSSAI license The market will have more trust in it than one that does not have one.

  • If you own a medical facility without an FSSSAI license you are subject to a fine of 5 lakh rupees. 5 lakh as well as a prison sentence that is at least 6 months.

  • If you are a member of fssai you’re adhering to all the rules and procedures. For instance, the store’s premises are spotless, and its employees are healthy.

  • If you’re able to show the FSSAI license, then you may use an FSSAI logo on your products, however, not if you do not have the FSSAI license.

  • The company can expand to new locations by obtaining the FSSSAI license.

  • Your medical shop must be registered with an FSSSAI license that allows them to export or import medical supplies.

FSSAI registration via E-StartupIndia is a quick and easy 3 step procedure.

  1. Simply fill out the form on the website of E-StartupIndia to reach a specialist.

  2. An E-StartupIndia FSSAI Registration specialist will fill out your FSSAI form and address any issues you have and secure the necessary clearance on your behalf.

  3. Request your FSSAI food license by post.

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