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Frosted Windows vs. Standard Windows For Your Front Room

by AnicaOaks

When you decide the time has come to get some new windows for the front room of your home, you may be surprised to learn about just how many different options may be at your disposal. As design styles change, more and more people are now considering getting frosted windows instead of traditional standard windows. If you’re wondering about the various differences between the two and which might work best for your home, here are some things to consider.


If you are interested in having as much privacy as possible when you are in your front room, you may want to think about frosted glass. If you opt for standard windows, you will definitely need blinds or curtains at the windows to block the view from outside. Should you want frosted glass, remember that it is made to partially or completely blur the view from outside, giving you increased privacy.

Design Versatility

As you contemplate window glass replacement for your home, keep in mind that frosted glass will give you a tremendous amount of design versatility versus that of standard windows. In recent years, there have been numerous advancements in glassmaking technology. As a result, frosted glass can now be made in many different shapes and sizes. If you want your home to have a touch of style all its own, you can often request your frosted windows contain a particular pattern, which is good if you have a certain decorating style in mind for your home.

Capacity to Break

If there is one thing you know about standard glass windows, it is that they can be very easily broken. Whether it is due to a storm or an accident around the house, a broken window that sends shattered glass everywhere can be very dangerous, especially if your home has small children or pets. Surprisingly to many people, frosted glass is made to be much tougher and more durable than standard glass, reducing the chances these windows will break.

Easy to Clean

While standard glass windows are generally easy to clean, frosted glass windows make this task even easier. Standard windows can easily scratch, and can begin to lose their shine if not cleaned regularly. However, the frosted glass will not scratch easily, nor will it prominently show dust or water streaks.

Once you take these factors into consideration, the decision as to whether you get frosted windows or standard windows for your front room may get a bit easier. Whether your top priority is style, safety, or privacy, you’ll wind up with windows that will have your home looking fantastic.

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