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Fortnite: Best New Weapons in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

by EricTurman

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 has shaken up the ‘greatest weapons’ in the game with a revised loot pool and a new set of weaponry. A Fortnite firearms tier list has emerged now that the dust has settled on the seasonal update.

Chapter 3 Season 2 of Epic Games’ famous battle royale game Fortnite brought a slew of new features to the Island, including the map itself, but the most significant change is the treasure pool, which now includes a slew of new and unvaulted weaponry to add to your loadout.

The powerful Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle has quickly moved to the top of the rankings, with its long-range thermal sight, while shotgun aficionados will be glad to learn that the Drum Shotgun has returned, and it’s better than ever.

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It’s reasonable to say that Chapter 3 Season 2 has thrown a wrench into the works. Many gamers are scrambling to figure out which weapons are the best — and which are the worst – as a result. We’re here to assist you with our tier list of Fortnite firearms.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 Best Weapons Ranked

These are the greatest weapons available in Fortnite Chapter 3 right now:

  • Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle
  • Stinger SMG
  • Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle
  • Striker Burst Rifle
  • Sidearm Pistol
  • Ranger Assault Rifle

Since Chapter 3 Season 2 released in March 2022, we’ve based our ranking on facts, user input, and our own in-game experiences with these Fortnite weaponry.

Each weapon is divided into tiers below, along with stats and a description of how well they all perform. The S Tier symbolizes the best in class, but the D Tier should be avoided at all costs.

Fortnite S Tier Weapons

The Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle is an excellent addition to any loadout, providing thermal vision that aids in long-range targeting. It can fire numerous shots without reloading, unlike sniper rifles, making it one of the greatest Fortnite firearms this season.

Both the Combat and the Stinger are solid choices for SMGs. While the Combat has more DPS, it also has a lot of recoil, therefore the Stinger is a little safer. Whichever option you choose, having one of these SMGs is a must if you want to win the Victory Crown.

Fortnite A Tier Weapons

The Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle isn’t the best sniper we’ve seen in Fortnite (that honor belongs to the now-vaulted Automatic), but it’s your only option right now, so having one is a good thing. Besides, even if you don’t have full Shields, a well-timed headshot can still get you a one-shot kill on an enemy.

The Striker Burst Rifle has taken the position of the MK-Seven, which has been vaulted. It’s not nearly as fantastic as the original, with tough recoil to master, but it still packs a punch and features the red-dot sight that players have loved since Chapter 3.

With the release of the Drum Shotgun, shotgun enthusiasts will be relieved to see that the loot pool has finally been replenished. It’s only slightly held down by a long reload time, despite having a high DPS potential and the ability to fire numerous bullets like an Assault Rifle.

Fortnite B Tier Weapons

We never thought we’d be putting a pistol in the B Tier of Fortnite weaponry (they’ve always been C Tier at best), but the Sidearm Pistol has proven its worth on several times, inflicting impressive damage at close range – notably headshots – while reloading quickly.

The Ranger Assault Rifle is an ordinary AR gun, but it’s your only alternative if you don’t like the red dot sight on the MK-Seven Assault Rifle. Finally, if your aim is on spot, the Heavy Shotgun is fantastic for medium-range takedowns; however, if you miss, the Heavy Shotgun’s lengthy reload time could be your undoing.

Fortnite C Tier Weapons

On paper, the Auto Shotgun appears to be a significant improvement over past seasons’ normal shotguns, and it does have a good damage-per-second capabilities. However, it is simply not worth utilizing, owing to the excruciatingly slow reload time. If you miss your shots, you’ll almost certainly be eliminated.

The Revolver is in a similar condition. It can be effective in close-range scenarios and has a lot of punch, but its slow rate of fire means that if you miss, you’ll be vulnerable to damage. This season, there are a lot better Fortnite weaponry. The Fortnite vbucks generator is also very simple and safe to use, and I feel confident that my information is secure.

Fortnite D Tier Weapons

The Striker Pump Shotgun is the only weapon available in our D Tier this season. Although shotguns have been powerful in the past, Epic appears to have gone the other way with this one, as it is considerably too slow for close-range gunfights.

As is customary, as Epic Games releases Fortnite patch updates with new weapons and old favorites throughout the season, this list may fluctuate. But for the time being, this is how things stand.

As Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 progresses, we’ll be sure to update this list as additional weapons are vaulted or unvaulted, so check back soon to be sure you’re utilizing the best weapons available.

That concludes our weapon tier list for Chapter 3. The arrival of new Fortnite guns has changed the look of the game from prior seasons, and there will be more as the season unfolds.

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