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Experiences Which You Can Get at Student Life Centre Sussex

by susanwray
Student Life Centre Sussex

Studying abroad and residing there is not an easy task. You will be away from your home and your parents. In such scenarios, encountering different problems is common. Many universities in the UK have student centres to assist both national and international centres. Sussex’s student life centre is the student care centre at the University of Sussex (US). It deals with many issues of the students and makes the international students feel at home. Before discussing the top experiences, let’s look at the aims of this centre.

Aims Of Student Life Centre

The University of Sussex’s life centre aims to provide you with.

  • An easy to access and responsive guidance, information, and student service
  • A professional and helpful service
  • Support to manage different difficulties
  • Appropriate referral to support across the university

Top experiences

As described earlier, living away from home is not easy. There should be a guardian to help you. The student life centre Sussex plays the role of that guardian. A brief description of the experiences that you can get by studying in the US is as follows;

1.     Concerns for other students

Student life can be challenging when you live away from home. It is a good idea to look after each other. The roommates and classmates must share their grievances. If a student behaves oddly and you feel that he has a concern, inform the life centre. The student life centre Sussex will follow up on your concerns about that student. The life centre helps those students by discussing the situation.

2.     Dealing with a crisis

Undoubtedly, you face many crises in student life. Sometimes, you cannot perform better in the exam and get stressed. The relationship breakdown can be a potential crisis for young students. In such circumstances, the advisor at the student life centre can help you get out of this. You should not think much about the crisis’ nature. The size of the problem does not matter. The thing matters for the student life centre in Sussex is the well-being of students. However, there are some crises that only students can manage, and Sussex centre can’t help. For example, suppose students are facing difficulties in assignment writing. They can get assignment writing help from professional academic writers as Sussex Student Centre can’t provide any help in this regard.

3.     Developing your study skills

Personal development runs along with academic development. Sussex’s student life centre provides the necessary guidelines to develop your study skills. Taking time to reflect on your personality and acting on that reflection is good. The student life centre Sussex develops skills by;

  • Building resilience in students
  • Providing self-awareness guidance
  • Providing support for life skills
  • Contributing and taking part in your studies

4.     Health concerns

By staying away from home, you can feel unwell. You can also face some anxiety that leads to depression. If you feel anything like this, the health concern support of the student life centre is there. You can go there, and the advisor will help you. The mode of medical advice can be email or phone. You need to communicate with the advisor and discuss your concern with him.

5.     Mediation

Conflicts can occur between you and other students. It is a common thing in the university. If there is a problem between you and the people you live with, Sussex’s student life centre can help you. It plays the role of a mediator and helps in solving those issues. This problem occurs mostly in the hostels where the likings of one roommate disturb the other. The advisor at the centre listens to both parties and act accordingly.

6.     Money worries

As an international student, you may often be short on money. The student life centre can also help you eradicate these worries. It helps you find a funding source and provide you with scholarship guidance. The Student Funding Team at the University of Sussex can help you with your financial issues. You need to fill out the Student Funding Inquiry form and submit it at the student life centre to avail of this assistance. The advisor will take the necessary action afterwards.

7.     Personal concerns

During your degree at the University of Sussex, you can expect a challenging environment. You may have some personal concerns about different events at the university. The student life centre Sussex helps you in the mitigation of those concerns. It does not matter whether your problem is big or small. You can discuss it with the student advisor, and he will guide you. Naturally, relationship issues affect your studies, and you may also have personal concerns about that relationship. You should discuss that concern with the advisor at the student life centre. Be sure that the meeting at the centre will be confidential and supportive.

8.     Students with children

Many students with families also study at the University of Sussex. The student life centre Sussex supports such students. It knows the needs and requirements of the student and children. The University of Sussex has a long tradition of welcoming students with children. The student life centre offers a range of facilities for such students. Below are the facilities that student parents will find at the University of Sussex.

  • Advice on finding different funding options and opportunities available
  • The centre allocates a hardship fund that only considers student parents
  • The Students’ Union provides a sunflower room to student parents. They can use that room to live with their children.
  • The student life centre Sussex has an onsite nursery. The student parents can leave their children there and take the classes. It allows the student parents to focus on their studies much better.
  • There is a family library at the University of Sussex. The student parents can study in the library while their children play.
  • There are around 20 family flats available at Sussex university for student parents.


The student life centre Sussex addresses all the problems of the students. You can discuss your every concern whether it is small or big. The advisor at the life centre will help you get out of that situation.

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