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Everything you need to know about upholstery cleaning

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The most visited place in your home is your living room. It can also be said that your living room reveals a lot about you to your guests. So, keeping your living room and its furniture clean is an important task. Among the other furniture, the upholstery of the sofa sets, armchairs, ottomans remain uncleaned. 

What is Upholstery?

Upholstery is a padding and fabric material that covers the furniture and is stitched over. In residential sofas and chairs, natural fabrics are usually used for warmth and comfort. Contrastingly in the case of commercial spaces, foam or leather sofas are used as its much easier to clean and maintain. 

How is the Upholstery cleaning done?

Upholstery cleaning is not just about dusting the fabric on the furniture. It involves deep cleaning of the interior padding of the furniture like a sofa or other cushioned chairs. Cleaning upholstery is not much easy as it seems to be as it’s made of delicate fabrics and the furniture won’t allow you to run the upholstery through the washing machine. You would need special equipment to clean your upholstery. So, it is advisable to clean the upholstery by professionals. They are experienced in cleaning the furniture without harming them. 

Few methods of Upholstery cleaning

Here are two methods you can use to clean your Upholstery

Steam cleaning

Steam heat extraction technology is used in steam cleaning upholstery. it cleans your sofa just like your carpet is cleaned. A steam cleaner is needed in steam cleaning. The steam goes deep down the fabric and removes tough grimes and stains from the fabrics.

Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning is almost similar to washing, but a solvent is required instead of water. A specialized cleaning powder is sprinkled on the upholstery of the sofa or the sponge. The solvent or the powder then needs a circular motion so that the dirt is removed. After a while, the professionals with the help of a vacuum cleaner suck the solvent leaving a clean upholstery behind. in Upholstery cleaning in Auckland can be done by hiring skilled professionals. 

Do’s and Don’ts

Some tips and precautions are given below for your help while cleaning the upholstery of your furniture.


  • Before you start cleaning, understand the type of fabric of the upholstery. Choose the solvent accordingly.
  • Read the instructions given on the label of the solvent carefully as it contains the required information about the solvent.
  • Test the cleaner on other fabric before applying on the upholstery
  • Before starting the procedure of cleaning, vacuum the fabrics of the upholstery so that the debris is cleaned. 


  • Don’t rub the fabrics vigorously with a cloth. Rubbing the stains roughly can ruin the fabric fibers of the couch. 
  • Bleach should not be used on the fabrics as it can make the dark-colored fabric white
  • Every fabric of upholstery has different properties. Heat might not be suitable for fabrics that contain silk.
  • If you want to clean the Upholstery perfectly, then it is advisable to hire professionals because they are experienced in handling the solvents and chemicals used to clean the upholstery.


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