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Everything You Need to Know About Southwest Airlines’ Refund Policy

Brief About Southwest Airlines' Refund Policy

by alen_wilson

If you’re planning to take a trip, you might have heard of Southwest Airlines, but maybe you don’t know much about the company or their policies regarding refunds and cancellations. Read on to learn everything you need to know about the Southwest Airlines refund policy before you book your next flight. You’ll learn everything from what refund options are available. When they can be used to how much money you can expect to get back after your flight has been canceled due to weather or other reasons beyond your control.

When Can I Get a Refund?

There’s no denying that Southwest Airlines is pretty lenient when it comes to their refund policy. Like most airlines, you can get a refund on your ticket so long as you make your request within 24 hours of purchase and you still have at least two weeks before your flight. If those two criteria aren’t met, your request may be denied or only partially refunded depending on how much notice you give southwest. Given how little time is involved, we suggest buying any tickets directly from Southwest because third-party vendors may tack on additional fees for changes or cancellations. For more information about making southwest flight cancellations with third-party vendors check out our detailed guide.

How Much Will My Credit Be Charged?

Southwest airlines doesn’t charge a fee for booking changes. This means that if you want to make a change, you don’t have to worry about losing your credit or being charged an extra fee. According to Southwest’s policy, you will be able to cancel or make changes without penalty up until close of business on your ticketed date. Simply keep in mind that, although there are no fees for making changes and cancellations on purchased tickets, non-refundable fares do come with restrictions, so it’s worth doing some research before booking such a flight. There may also be certain situations in which Southwest requests a cancellation fee due to factors outside of its control; be sure that you’re familiar with all details regarding southwest airlines cancellations fees before booking.

What If I Don’t Fly?

Most airline policies are pretty standard—you’ll typically be charged a penalty if you change your flight or miss it entirely. There is one major exception: Southwest Airlines. The Texas-based carrier prides itself on flexibility, and its Wanna Get Away fares come with no penalties whatsoever. If you have to change your travel plans, go ahead and do so without fear of additional fees.

When Can I Cancel My Flight Reservation?

What Are My Cancellation Rights? If you are scheduled for an international flight on Southwest Airlines, you can request a refund within 24 hours of making your southwest flight reservation. If you book using a debit or credit card, your purchase is subject to a 24-hour cancellation fee. However, if you make your southwest reservation with cash only and pay in person at one of Southwest Airlines’ ticket counters or gates, there are no cancellation fees for domestic flights in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico (you must cancel within 24 hours of booking). To get a full refund for canceled tickets, contact Southwest airlines customer service number at +1-888-720-1433 within 24 hours. International cancellations require up to 10 days’ notice before travel.

What If My Flight Gets Cancelled?

Did you know that Southwest Airlines handles flight cancellations differently than other airlines? Instead of charging a fee for cancellations. Southwest will refund your flight if it gets cancelled (yes, even if it’s canceled after you’ve boarded). This doesn’t mean that there won’t be consequences -– such as changing your reservation or taking on a different flight. But it means you get more flexibility with Southwest flights. Read on for more details about what happens when your southwest airlines plane is delayed or cancelled.

Is There An Alternative To Cancelling/Changing Reservations?

The easiest way to avoid cancellation fees is just not cancel your flight. However, if you need to cancel or change a reservation and it’s been made less than 24 hours before departure. You may be charged up to $100 per ticket for changing or cancelling. If you’re trying for free changes, make sure to call Southwest Airlines toll free number directly; online customer service won’t help with fee waivers.

Do You Have Rules about Baggage Fees/Oversized Luggage?

Yes. Southwest Airlines doesn’t have an unlimited baggage policy; if you’re traveling with checked bags, there is a hard limit on weight and size of each bag. And specific restrictions on animals. Southwest does make up for it by having one of the most generous southwest carry-on policy in air travel. All you need is a small personal item like a purse or laptop bag that fits under your seat. If your bag is within maximum dimensions but heavier than 12 pounds, you won’t pay any fees at all! What’s more, as long as it fits on your lap during takeoff and landing. According to their FAQ page, you can even bring something like a carry-on cooler full of food or drinks.

Will I get my bag checked for free?

Yes, in most cases your first and second checked bags will be included in your fare. After that, you may check up to four bags for a fee of $40 per bag, each way. Some Travel Centers are operated by agents who have been authorized by Southwest Airlines to collect your baggage fees on behalf of Southwest Airlines. They can charge $25 or more per bag. If they have been authorized by Southwest Airlines not to collect a fee and they fail to comply with that direction. Southwest Airlines will refund you any excess baggage charges collected by them at their airport location. For additional information regarding any flight booking and service call southwest airlines customer service at +1 and visit our third party website airlineticketworld.com.

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